Chapter 3354

He thought in his heart: "Although I have a great deal of certainty that I can take out that Hamid unnoticed, but right now there are only a few days left before the Qingming, time is indeed too tight!"

"Even if I leave from China now to Syria, a round trip just to spend time on the road, will take at least thirty hours!"

"In case I get delayed due to some factors I can't foresee, I won't be able to make it up to the Mountain in person on Qingming Day!"

Thinking of this, Joseph gritted his teeth and said, "How about this. Since they want to make peace with Hamid, you should also participate in the details of the peace talks, the best is to delay the pace and progress of their peace talks."

"But if the government side has really decided, you must immediately show that you will not compromise. Let our soldiers continue to guard there, and wait for me to finish the important things here before coming over to solve the problem!"

Walter could only agree and said, "Then I will meet with Hamid's people first in the afternoon to see what their attitude really is."

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