Chapter 3352

Walter frowned, picked up the other party's phone, and looked at it for a few moments, and his entire expression instantly became incomparably ugly!

He really didn't expect that Hamid had such a vast amount of strategic reserves.

Just by looking at these reserves alone, holding on for a year was not a problem at all.

So, he asked after him, "Where did these photos come from?"

The other party said in a cold voice: "They were all sent by Hamid himself!"

Walter's expression was gloomy. Gritting his teeth, he said, "Hamid is putting us in the army!"

He said, "Well, it's not up to me to decide whether or not to make peace now, I will report to our Supreme Commander immediately, and he will decide everything!"

"I don't give a fcuk about you, I just came to tell you that I have already agreed with the other side, at 3 o'clock this afternoon,

that time, I will have peace talks with him face to face, whether you participate or

back his cell phone from Walter's hand.

cold sweat on his forehead, and then immediately took out his satellite phone and dialed to Joseph who was far

very satisfied looking at the dozens of cheap

one by one with thin and rotten broken wooden

paint, but also can

in the open-air environment, but also makes people feel more or less eyes

smile and asked Harmen: "Harmen, where did you buy this pile of rotten wood? I've lived

the Supreme Commander, these coffins are really not easy to find, I took someone to the poorest

knocked the coffin board of one of the coffins and laughed: "People say that the thicker the coffin board, the better, but the thickness of this coffin board is not as thick as the bed board used in

inferior coffin, they would rather cut their own trees in the mountains, save enough thick wood to ask carpenters to make

before the Qingming Festival, you bring enough people to

Wade family is willing to voluntarily give up Waderest Mountain, voluntarily dig out the coffins of Changying and all the ancestors of

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