Chapter 3361

Seeing Walter moved to anger, Charlie instead smiled and said with an emotional face: "Hey, I suddenly remembered someone asked me a similar question more than a year ago.”

"She asked me at that time, whether I came to celebrate the birthday or to borrow money, not to mention, the way you said this just now is indeed a bit like her."

Walter coldly reprimanded: "Can borrow money at someone's birthday party, then you are really a fcuked!"

Charlie sighed: "Yeah, it's pretty fcuked up, as a last resort, who wants to borrow money on that occasion? But at that time a life-saving benefactor was seriously ill and needed money urgently, I could only go out of my way to try shamelessly."

Walter's expression slightly eased a little, coldly said: "Okay, no one wants to hear your story, straight to the point!"

Charlie smiled and said, "Okay, let's get to the point. As I said just now, both sides cease-fire, you withdraw your troops, this is the prerequisite."

"On the basis of you meeting this precondition of ours, our second condition is that the Cataclysmic Front must all get out of Syria!"

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