The Alphas prize

Chapter 21: A plan

Cain sat at his desk, his feet resting on the wooden top and his hands rested behind his head. His muscles flexed, the definition in his biceps was more vivid. My breath caught at the sight before me.

He didn’t move. “What can I help you with, Freja?” Cain asked, almost sounding annoyed.

I stood there contemplating whether or not I wanted to tell him about Calyx; he has a right to know. But what danger would that put him in? What if the man in this room was working with Calyx?

I needed to do more digging first. “I was just wondering if I could go do some training with Samara today?” I asked, hoping he would agree and remember the conversation we had last night.

He looked at me hesitantly for a moment, as if trying to figure out if I was lying or not. I did want to see Samara but not to train.

His nostrils flared before he sucked in a deep breath. “Yes, that’s fine. I will have Calyx escort you.”

My eyes widened at his suggestion. “No!” I blurted out a little awkwardly, and Cain’s brows furrowed together, so I chuckled a bit. “No, that’s ok; I will be fine getting there myself,” I reassured him, hoping he wouldn’t press it further.

“I don’t want you alone so soon, especially after what happened just a few days ago.” I could tell that he was trying his hardest not to start an argument, especially with a pack member in the room, who stood mere feet from us, who remained silent and just watched us.

I softened my gaze. “I know you don’t, but remember what we had discussed last night, Cain. Plus, it’s not far, it’s daytime, and I’ll be on pack grounds, so I’ll be fine.” I said with a smile, hoping he would just give in already.

Cain remained silent as his eyes stared into mine. “Ok, fine, but straight to the training grounds and nowhere else.” He said in his alpha tone.

I nodded and smiled at him. “Of course, and thank you.” I was glad we didn’t get into another argument and that he was trying to respect my wishes.

I was about to leave the room when Cain’s deep voice resonated throughout the air. “Freja, I mean it!”

I didn’t turn around, just glanced over my shoulder. “Yes, Cain, I know.” And with that, I hurried out of the room before he could stop me again or change his mind.

I went straight to the training grounds, looking for Samara, in hopes of her being able to tell me something about Calyx. I finally found her standing in the field, talking with a few others. I rushed over to her, taking long strides. Once I got closer, they all noticed me approaching, some bowed their heads in respect, and some didn’t, but I paid no attention to them, as my goal was Samara.

Samara smiled broadly. “Hello Luna, to what do I owe the pleasure?”

I wasn’t sure if I could fully trust her, but something about her also told me I could. “Want to do some training?” I didn’t want to ask her my questions before the other members.

Her eyes lit up. “Yea, that would be great! Come on.”

We left the group and headed over to the archery equipment. I grabbed my lucky bow, and Samara chose her weapon. Finally, we approached the target lines, and I knew this was my chance; I glanced around, and we were finally alone.

We positioned ourselves and prepared to fire. “So, Samara, what can you tell me about Calyx?” I said as I released my arrow.

Her head whipped towards me, with a brow arched. “Why do you want to know about Calyx?” She asked with intrigue.