The Alphas prize

Chapter 15: So stupid

It was time to get ready for the ceremony, and I had to wear this stupid dress. At least I can get away with wearing flats because I would seriously break my neck in high heels. So I put on my dress, the gold-coloured flat shoes I chose, a little bit of makeup and had my hair half up, half down, nothing too fancy or too lazy. Then, a knock resonated within the room, grabbing my attention.

“Freja, hurry up; it’s time to go.” Calyx said through the wooden door.

“I’m coming.” I quickly replied.

I glanced in the mirror again, and my eyes roamed all over my body. Finally, I made sure I looked presentable and left the room.

Calyx stood there for a moment, examining me. “Oh my, you look gorgeous, Freja.” He said sweetly.

My cheeks heated in embarrassment. “Thank you. I feel weird and uncomfortable.” I laughed.

Calyx chuckled. “Well, luckily, it’s only for a few hours.”

“Yea, where’s Cain? I figured he would pick me up.” But, honestly, I was hoping he would be. I wanted to see him and to arrive at the ceremony with him.

“He had some last-minute stuff to deal with, so you’re stuck with me.” He grinned.

“I’m not going to complain.” I shrugged.

Calyx extended his elbow. “Shall we?”

I smiled and wrapped my arm around his, linking us together as we strolled through the halls and headed towards the ceremony.

I didn’t even know this place was here. We roamed through a series of tunnels connecting to various other areas within the packhouse. We had finally reached the hall; it was beautifully decorated, blue and white lights lit up the room. White linens were draped from the ceiling, along with star and moon-shaped decorations. Candles sat within the center of the tables, creating a warming glow. Everything looked breathtaking. The hall was crowded with people, many of which I didn’t know or had even met yet. My nerves were going haywire, and it was becoming very hot in here, or was that just me?

My heart began to race, and I wanted to sprint out of there. My eyes darted around, and my head began to spin as my anxiety wrapped around me like a blanket. Just as I was about to say “Fuck this.” and leave, a large hand touched the small of my back.

I jumped at the contact as it brought me out of my frantic state.

“Relax, my love; I’m here now.” He whispered sweetly in my ear.

Cain’s voice and smell relaxed every part of my being, as I felt safe with him. I turned around to face him and almost melted at the sight of him. He wore a tight-fitting, dark blue suit; the material hugged his muscles and curves. His hair was slicked back, face free of stubble, showing off his jawline, and his eyes glistened in the twinkling lights. He looked so fucking handsome; I wanted to fuck him, right here on the floor.

His eyes wandered up and down my attire, taking me in. A smile then spread across his beautiful face.

“You look stunning, Freja,” Cain said as he kissed my cheek, igniting a fire in my core.