The Alphas prize

Chapter 9: Weird vibes

It had been a while since Cain had stormed off, leaving me here with my thoughts. Then, finally, I heard footsteps approaching my room. I sat up in my bed, anticipating who it was when the door handle jiggled and in walked Calyx.

He had a cheeky smile plastered across his face. “What the hell did you do?”

“Whatever do you mean, Calyx?” I smiled and batted my lashes, pretending to be innocent.

He raised a brow. “You have seriously pissed him off about something; he came stomping out of here in a huff. He ordered me to guard you and then went into his office. He slammed the door so hard, the wood cracked.”

I snorted. “I didn’t do a thing; maybe your brother just has something stuck up his ass.” The man just constantly came off as being uptight anyways.

Calyx closed his eyes and shook his head at me. “Right. Anyways, I’m your new tail.” He burst out laughing.

My smile died, and I gave him a deadpan stare “No, just no Calyx, bad pun.” I shook my head at his horrible attempt to make a joke.

“Come on, it was good, and you know it,” He said, proud of himself.

“No, it was awful, and I don’t need a bodyguard; I can take care of myself.” I was getting sick and tired of being treated like a china doll or treated like a newly shifted pack member.

Calyx pursed his lips together. “Ahh, now I see why he was so pissed off. But, unfortunately, I’ve been given orders, and I have to follow those orders until instructed otherwise. So, for the time being, you are stuck with me.” He grinned widely.

I groaned. “Your lovely brother and I will be discussing that once I get out of here. By the way, when can I get the hell out of here.” I asked him, hoping he would know.

He shook his head. “I’m not sure; I’ll go speak with the nurse.”

“Thank you,” I said genuinely before Calyx left the room.

I looked around the room for my clothes; I didn’t want to be in here much longer. But my clothes were nowhere to be seen, and I was wearing an ugly ass nightgown. Wait a minute! Who the fuck changed me? And why? I had only hit my head, right? The thought of someone changing me without my consent caused alarm to rise within me, especially when I didn’t know who had done it.

I got up from the bed and walked over to the cabinet to check for my clothes, but it was filled with medical supplies, blankets and more gowns. Next, I looked out the window, which didn’t have a great view, not like the view in Cain’s room. But all I could see from here was a large barn and a small portion of the gate.

I paced around the room, waiting for Calyx to return, who was taking his sweet ass time. What felt like an eternity later, Calyx had finally returned, with the nurse at his side. She was a bit older than me but radiated with beauty and youth. She was about my height, with strawberry blonde hair, brown eyes and high cheekbones. However, she seemed to be a bit timid.

I sighed with relief. “It’s about time; I thought you got lost,” I said dramatically.

Calyx raised an eyebrow. “I was gone for like 5 minutes, there miss impatient.” He gestured towards the woman next to him. “This is nurse Rose, and she wants to inspect you before she releases you.”

I looked at the woman with a pleading stare as I was anxious to get out. “Ok, let’s get this over with; the sooner I get out of here, the better and where are my clothes?”

Rose cleared her throat. “Alpha Cain had removed your clothing, as you had some blood on it, he brought you some clean clothes for you to change into.” She handed me the pile of clean clothing she held in her hands.

My eyes widened with horror at the thought of Cain removing my clothing and seeing me naked “Excuse me? He changed me?”

Her eyes were shifty, almost refusing to look at me. “Yes, Luna.” She finally answered hesitantly and nervously.

I sucked in a sharp breath, remembering it wasn’t her fault and that I shouldn’t be hard on her. “Please, call me Freja and thank you for everything,” I said with a smile. The last thing I wanted was for this sweet woman to think I am a bitch, even though I am, but still, girls need to stick together.

She smiled sheepishly. “You’re welcome. Please take a seat on the bed, and I will take a look at your head.”

I walked over and sat down on the bed. Rose came to my side and removed the bandage from my head. She carefully inspected my head before looking into my eyes and asking me a few simple questions.

“Well, everything looks great. There is no more bleeding, and the cut is nearly healed. You’ve healed up quite nicely and very quickly.” She said with a hint of curiosity and admiration.

I scrunched my nose. “Is that a good thing?” I asked, concerned.