The Alphas prize

Chapter 3: Farewell

As morning approached, the sun began to engulf my room, causing me to let out a frustrated groan. Closing my eyes tightly, I pulled my blanket up and over my head in an attempt to shield myself from the blinding light.

I barely slept; my mind raced all night from everything that had happened the previous day. Thoughts of the battle surged through my brain, Mikael’s death, the Dead pack retreating, but mostly I thought about Alpha Cain and our encounter. I thought about how attractive he was, how his closeness made me wet and caused tingles to shoot through my whole body. I thought about his words, his threats and especially how he had let me go, but not before telling me that we would meet again; what did he mean by that? Also, why did he want to propose a treaty? That was the biggest unanswered question.

Pushing aside my endless thoughts, I got up from the bed and headed for the bathroom. First, I took a nice long shower, washing everything away. I then got out, brushed my teeth and hair, then proceeded upstairs to join everyone for breakfast.

I entered the kitchen to find mom and Adela cooking breakfast; they noticed my presence and looked at me. “Good morning, sweetheart.” Mom said with a smile.

“Morning, mom,” I replied.

Adela just looked at me and gave me a half-smile. I could tell she was still feeling very emotional regarding yesterday’s news; she has always been such a passionate person at times. I am the opposite. I nodded at her, then went into the dining room to join dad and Gunnar.

They were sitting at the table talking, but they ceased their conversation as soon as I entered and looked at me.

“Morning, dad, Gunnar,” I said in a grumbly tone. Gunnar, just looked at me and grunted; he is not a morning person, something we had in common.

“Good morning Freja, how did you sleep?” Dad questioned.

I rubbed my face and inhaled a deep breath. “Ok, I guess.” That’s an understatement, I thought to myself.

Dad didn’t reply, just gave me a curt nod. Then, after a few moments of silence, dad broke the tension in the air and raised the subject that we all dreaded.

“Later today, we will hold Mikael’s cremation; the sooner we can send him off, the better. I have spoken to a few warriors, and they are working on assembling his pyre; once it is finished, we will gather everyone at the river for the ceremony.”

The look on my father’s face as he spoke was heartbreaking, I knew this was very hard for him, and it was taking everything in him to keep his composure.

Gunnar remained still, staring down at the table, unmoving and silent.

I looked at dad. “Is there anything that you need me to do?” I felt as though it was my obligation to help.

He cleared his throat. “Yes, could you help your mother and sister with preparing the food for after the ceremony, please? The whole pack will be there, so there are many mouths to feed.”

“Yes, of course, I can. Anything else?”

He sat there silent for a moment and then shook his head. Mom and Adela walked in with breakfast just then, which was perfect because I was starving.

We sat there enjoying our food; very few words were spoken between us, but it was still nice to just be with them. Except for Gunnar, he kept stealing my food, and I swear, I was two seconds away from biting his damn hand off and then smacking that grin off of his face with it. I love him but also hate that big buffoon.

After finishing breakfast, Gunnar and dad left to go to the main hall to prepare for Mikael’s cremation. I helped mom and Adela clean everything up from breakfast and prepare the food for the after ceremony gathering. Dad had a few other pack members come to help with the food, which we were thankful for as we had so much to do and very little time left.

We worked together in the kitchen almost in complete silence; it was uncomfortable and made me want to run. It was lunchtime now, and we were close to being done, thank fuck! I needed out of this kitchen. As we continued to work away, we heard the front door open and close. We all whipped our heads towards the door only to see that dad and Gunnar were back.

I turned around, and dad came into the kitchen. “The funeral will begin at 3:00. Is everything ready?” He asked us.