**a week later*

I'm in the living room dusting the furniture while Damien is on the couch using his laptop. I felt him watching me

''Is there something wrong?'' I asked

''Why do you ask that?''

''I felt you staring at me''

He opened his mouth to answer but the door bell rang

''I'll get it''

I went and opened the door. I smiled widely when I saw who it was


He attacked me with a hug

''Hey Carla, I missed you''

We pulled away

''Aw I missed you too''

Damien cleared his throat from behind me

''Hello'' Jake greeted

''Hi, and you are?" Damien asked

''I'm Jake''

''He's my friend from school'' I responded

Damien's face did not look good at all. He looked like he would strangle Jake at the slightest opportunity.

''Who's he?'' Jake asked me

''This is Damien. .uh my...''

I didn't know what to say

''Boyfriend'' Damien said