I was outside sitting on the sidewalk in the cold night hugging my knees to my chest. I could hear the loud music coming from my sister's room. The giggles, laughter, talking and more. It was obvious they were having a good time.

I held back the tears, I'm tired of crying.

I felt a warm liquid drop on my head. It was dripping and it smelt bad... I smelt my hair. It was

I looked up to see Rachel and her friends at the window laughing. Rachel had a cup in her hand. I couldn't help it I started crying.

"Why?" I cried

They laughed more. It was urine they poured

'AWW' Raven said "I'm sorry I really had to pee and the flush system wasn't really working so I thought, why waste it?"

"Don't worry" Rita shouted "Urine makes your hair grow. Its also healthy for the skin" she said laughing

"You should be thanking us" Roli said

Rachel pouted looking at me

"Oh, my poor sister, I should've stopped them but where's the fun in that? Right guys?"

"Yeaahh" they all replied

They giggled

"See ya"

They closed the window, curtains and put off the lights

I sat back down and watched the road as cars passed by.

Suddenly, a red Rolls Royce pulled up at my driveway. Who could it be? And why is the person here so late?

Alpha Damien came out from the car.

When he saw me, a look of confusion came across his beautiful face. I don't blame him. I'd look the same way if I saw someone outside in the middle of the night dripping with pee.

"What are you doing outside?" he asked

I stood up and walked to him

"Its a long story alpha" I murmured

“I forgot my phone. I came back to get it. Come on let’s go"

"I-I can’t"


"They won't let me"

"Well, I have power over everyone in your household including your father because of my rank so obey my instruction let's go"

I flinched at the authority in his voice

"Yes alpha"

We went to the door and knocked

"Who is it?" My mum asked from inside

"Alpha Damien"

"Oh my"

The door opened. We both went inside. My dad was in the living room watching TV but stood up immediately he saw us

"Alpha with all due respect what are you doing here at this time?" my dad asked

"I forgot my phone, have you seen it?"

"No, I haven't. what about you Marie?" he was referring to my mom

"I haven't either" she replied

Rachel came to the room with her friends

"Mom we heard voices what’s going on...oh hi alpha"

She glared at me

"What are you doing here? I thought I told you to stay outside dog


"I said she could come inside" Alpha Damien said

Rachel blinked 5 times

"Oh, I didn't know"

"Rachel, have you seen the alpha's phone?" my dad asked

She and her friends looked at each other and started whispering

"What the hell is happening?" Damien's voice boomed loudly across the living room "Don't get me wrong I'm not poor. I can get 10 phones in a day but I have vital information in that device. Bring it out or I’ll rip your heads off one by one" he growled