Aside from that, magic could be done through contracts with spirits.

Spiritual power\=spending energy to access the truth of the world or to command spirits.

To put it bluntly, energy\=magic.

These magic cards were meant to be used by humans.

In other words, it turned energy into magic in the most efficient way, which allowed humans to use magic easily.

That’s what it all was.

A magic card that anyone could use.

It would sell incredibly well.

For instance, you could learn attack magic like Fireball. It would be great for defending yourself.

Convenient magic that could control gravity would become vital for transporting heavy loads.

As for flying magic, there will definitely need to be some training to be able to control it.

And it was these kinds of magic skills that would be carved into the cards.

It would make it possible to activate these kinds of magic through combining words.

These combinations would be studied for the purpose of allowing normal people to use them and so they can spread.

And I planned to have the students of Sarion participate in the research. With free thought, they could create all kinds of new magic.

All kinds of magic would be carved into the cards.

Users would have to buy the cards that they required, which meant I could expect tremendous profits.

And to the most advanced users alone, I would sell all-purpose cards that were simplified versions with some limitation.

They would allow you to bring about all kinds of effects with your imagination alone.

“…Something like that. It won’t be right away, but after thorough preparations over ten years, I think. That is when I could announce it to society?”

And with that, I ended my explanation.

If it was made public, it would mean the birth of a new type of magic, following Element magic and Spirit magic.

Its high applicability would mean that it could be used in combination with Curse magic to do all kinds of things.