Heinrich continued to insist.

Perhaps the other teachers had said something to him while I was away.

“Well, don’t think about that. You can show me with your actions. That is all. And while I can understand if you are unable to meet my expectations, I hope you will at least refrain from betraying me.”

I added a little warning, just in case.

“All of you who are present. Rimu-, no, Lord Satoru…”

“Let’s just use Master Satoru.”

“Of course!”

Really. Old William’s slips of the tongue were scary.

I would have to constantly be warning him and covering for his mistakes.

“We would never do anything like betraying you, Master Satoru!”

I nodded at this speech by Old William while thinking about something else.

Heinrich seemed satisfied by this, and so we continued the discussion.


It was a virtual meeting of ultrafast thought, conducted through ‘Thought Acceleration’ and ‘Thought Transmission,’ both of which were quite familiar to me.

The magic cards were distributed to the teachers with the intent of deepening their understanding of their contents.

Obviously, it was virtual, so no real magic would activate.

However, with the use of Master Ciel’s ultra calculating abilities, even this virtual environment would be able to immerse you to the point where it was indiscernible from the real thing.

And it would all have a physical effect on you.

Once you understood it, and you could use the magic, you would be able to use that experience acquired in the virtual world in the real world as well.