“Don’t let your guard down, Julius!”

“–Karma, huh. Thank you.”

“Don’t mention it!”

Karma had moved in and blocked a monster who had rushed towards Julius in order to attack.

After that, Karma, who had transformed into a red werewolf, stood next to Julius and continued to fight. His power was as great as the adults, and he was just as strong as Julius.

Karma was acting on Magnus’ order, as he had said that everything would be over should their commander fall.

Karma obeyed without question, and Julius also seemed to have discarded his usual composed attitude, and readily accepted Karma’s help.

While Julius may have said various things in the past, he did in fact, accept that Karma had a true ability.

The students were crossing the borders of their schools and working together.

It was all very good up until this point.

This point…


What I first thought was strange, was Magnus’ movements.

He had sent Karma over to help Julius, while he relocated to where the monsters were relatively weaker.

With Magnus’ ability, it would be more appropriate for him to stay in an area where the attacks were more vicious.

As I was curious, I used ‘Magic Detection’ to get an overhead view and observe Magnus’ actions.

Then I saw that Rozari, the girl who seemed praise Magnus a whole lot, had left the frontlines. She was running towards the group of spare forces.

Spare forces–the people who had finished being treated for their injuries or put on their summoning items. Or so I had thought, but on further inspection, it seemed like that was not the case.

They were not treating the wounded there, instead, the wounded were being roughly carried to a different tent.

As for the group…

When I looked closely, I saw that they had finished putting on matching white robes.

There was Clad, who was one of the knights that guarded Julius, and even the combat teacher from Ingracia, who had not joined the fight at all.