People were never cautious of me and just entered my tent like it was nothing.

Was that alright? I wondered. But it was a little late for that.

There was a line of girls outside of the tent who had apparently heard rumors.

The tent was quite large, but could only house about ten people at once.

We had borrowed one of the large tents just for this.

And because of this, it looked like it would be a long time until all of the girls were finished.

And one other thing.

Being able to see the frustrated expression of Julius and the others was a very pleasant surprise.

This bath was made by Marsha, so no one could try and cut the line.

I would not allow such a thing.

It was prepared because I wanted to take a bath, so why should I allow anyone to go first?

That’s ridiculous! I am sure of it.

But this was a good day.

A dinner that was much more delicious than what those damned, snooty children of nobility were eating. And also the best possible bath under these circumstances.

I was able to fulfill these two strong desires of mine.

I was so full of satisfaction as I headed back to my tent.

Just then, my ‘Magic Detection’ felt a strong wave of magic.

It was detecting the presence of a monster that was coming towards this base, while brimming with tense emotion.

Was this emotion–appetite!?


I hadn’t noticed it actually. And so what?

No, I see… I remember feeling strangely irritated yesterday over being hungry. It must have been because of those herbs.

It had nothing to do with my own lack of patience.

That must be it.