“Oh, that is convoluted.”

Diablo nodded at Souei’s words.

He had already lost all interest in the group with the white robes.

To Diablo, the only thing that was important was the movements of Rimuru, his master.

It was because Souei understood this, that he brought it up.

After Laplace had left, Diablo had called for Moss.

And then he ordered for the smallest unit ‘Clone’ that was made from Moss to be relocated close to Rimuru without anyone noticing.

This mission was put into effect by Moss’s ‘Clone’ using ‘Shadow Movement’ through the ‘Sticky Steel String’ that connected Souei and Rimuru.

‘Spatial Travel’ allowed you to travel immediately, but they could not do anything like that since it would draw attention.

And just now, after flying through the shadow space at super high speed, Moss contacted him to announce that he had succeeded in landing on Maldoland island.

It would be best if Rimuru did not notice, but it didn’t really matter either way.

Just like Diablo, Rimuru’s power had also been weakened.

Actually, he had dropped it to be level with humans, so it had dropped at a much more severe rate compared to Diablo.

So perhaps he would not find out, but Diablo would not get his hopes up regarding this.

(Normally, it would be ideal to protect him from the shadows…but it’s not possible to hide things from Lord Rimuru.)

That’s what Diablo thought.