Telling Lies, loving you

Chapter 244 Scott Lost His Memory

Michelle passed out completely. She was too tired, not only physically.

After a long time, when Michelle woke up, the rain had stopped and she was in a daze. She opened her eyes, but saw nothing.

She fumbled on the ground with her hands, looking for the body of Scott.

"Scott, where are you?"

She called his name, and there was only the sound of birds singing and wind blowing leaves.

Scott was right behind her, but she couldn't see him.

Now, Scott was leaning against a big tree behind him. His face was pale, and his body was still motionless, with his hands lazily placed on both sides.

Michelle was anxious and began to run desperately. She shouted his name in the forest, but her body was about to collapse.

She hadn't eaten anything in the past two days. She drank some rain yesterday when it rained.

Now, she was walking through the forest tiredly. The ground was so wet because of the rain. She staggered to run. She almost was blocked by stones several times, but every time she got up again and continued to run.

She didn't know where Scott had gone. She just kept running because she couldn't see him or hear his voice.

The valley in front of her was getting closer and closer to her, and below it was a fast flowing river.


Michelle's scream filled the whole valley, and then she fell into the fast flowing river. Her body kept sinking, and the water poured into her nose, causing an unbearable pain.

She tried her best to move her feet, but the current was very fast, as if someone was dragging her into the bottom of the river.

In the face of death, she was not afraid at all, but she didn't know how Scott was since she hadn't found him yet.


This was her last consciousness. She felt so tired, and from time to time, she could still see the scene that she was with Scott. She remembered that he was teaching her how to swim, but she couldn't.

'Am I stupid?'

A smile slowly appeared on Michelle's face. She gave up struggling, because she knew that Scott was waiting for her there. Her body continued to sink weakly.

On the shore, several women were washing clothes, talking and laughing with each other.

The sun shone on them. They were dressed in minority clothes, which was particularly dazzling in such an environment.

"Hey, look, is there someone over there?"