Telling Lies, loving you

Chapter 242 Do You Know How Much I Hate You

When he rushed out, he saw his two subordinates lying next to Michelle, motionless as if they were dead.

Anger surged up in his heart. He rushed over and glared at Michelle, "you, what the hell are you doing?"

"Let him go." Michelle didn't answer his question.

"Sorry, I don't know who you are talking about." In that case, why did he answer her question?

This man was really annoying. Michelle never liked him.

But now, without Frank, everything was under his control. Now Michelle was living under someone's roof. She knew that she had no right to speak in this house. The reason why the other party didn't kill her was only for the sake of Frank.

Michelle was not stupid. Of course she knew how to use this to deal with her opponent.

The man knew that Michelle was not a stupid woman. She was so smart. No wonder Frank liked her. However, he still didn't want to pay attention to her. Let him let go of Scott. Only a fool would do such a thing.

In the past, Frank hated the Jiang Group very much. Wouldn't it be possible for him to let go of Scott?

"I told you to let him go, or I would jump down from this building. If your boss asks about it, I'm afraid you can't explain it to him." Michelle continued to threaten him. She didn't believe that this man would really attack her.

The man frowned and said nothing.

He ordered the servants to help the two men in black lying on the ground out, and then went upstairs without looking back.

Yes, this man was Frank's confidant. Since Frank was not here, he was in charge of everything in the family.

Michelle didn't want to provoke him, but now

She didn't know how these people caught Scott, but with their power, it was not difficult to catch Scott. And this is in A City, not in the territory of Scott.

However, she seemed to have heard the sound coming from downstairs.

Then Michelle found she didn't look around every corners of the villa. It seemed that there were many unknown places in the villa. Especially the room near the stairway.

In night, Michelle went to open the door again, but it was locked from the outside.

This was the second floor. If she jumped down from the balcony, she wouldn't die. But she didn't know what was going on downstairs.

Suddenly, she shivered, turned around and sat down by the bedside table. She opened the drawer, took out a wallet and a bank card.

After the incident last time, Michelle knew that the villa was heavily guarded, so she chose to go out at this time.

She believed that everyone had fallen asleep.