Telling Lies, loving you

Chapter 240 Something Must Have Happened

For so many years, she was wrong. She was so stupid.

She had lost too many things. Now in this world, perhaps no one was willing to accompany her. Recalling the past two years, she really felt that she was so stupid and hateful.

Why did God make fun of her like this?

In the resuscitation room, several men in black stood neatly outside the door, and each of them had a very serious expression on their faces. It could be said that they had always been like this.

Three hours later, Frank was pushed out by the doctors, while Frank, who was lying on the wheelchair, looked pale.


Frank's confidant immediately ran up. He bent over the trolley and looked down at the badly injured people, heartbroken.

But Frank seemed to be dead and couldn't hear him at all.

"The operation is very successful. You can rest assured."

Facing this situation, the doctors naturally knew that the man lying on the cart was not an ordinary person. They were also careful when talking, fearing that they would disturb these people.

"The best ward." After a pause, the man in black raised his head and continued to say coldly to the doctor.

A group of people stood neatly at the door of the ward, so that no one passing by dared to look at them.

In the ward, a man in black stood quietly beside the bed.

"Fortunately, you are fine, or I will really kill that woman." He sighed in his heart. Their boss almost died.

After such a serious matter, Michelle had become a prisoner. She was trapped in this bedroom, without food or water.

After a whole day, she felt that her body was about to be disabled, her mouth was dry, and even her head was heavy. She felt like she was sick and felt uncomfortable all over.

Finally, she fumbled to the bedside, lifted the quilt and lay down. At this moment, she really hoped that Scott, Emily and others could appear.

Thinking of this, she grabbed the phone on the bedside table. Now, that phone was her life.

She logged in WeChat quickly and sent a voice message.

At the airport, Scott and others were sitting in the lounge. By now, he finally figured it out. In fact, as long as Michelle lived a happy life, everything would be fine. He remembered that a song once said that sometimes giving up was also a kind of love.

At this moment, Emily's phone rang. Emily handed the child to Walter and took out her phone from her bag.

She opened it and found it was a voice message from Michelle! Emily clicked it quickly for fear of missing it.