Telling Lies, loving you

Chapter 236 Find Her

"She is blind."

It seemed that he had endured it for a long time, so that when Scott said this, he was weak, but more likely to be sad.


Hearing this, the two people present almost cried out at the same time, and their eyes were wide open with disbelief.

"Michelle was blind two years ago. I heard that she had a car accident." Scott said in a choked voice after hesitating for a while.

This news was undoubtedly a bad news for everyone.

"What did you say, Scott? How did Michelle become like this? Do you know who hit her? " At this moment, Emily wanted to rush to Michelle and ask her what was going on.

But she was afraid that she wouldn't have the heart to ask such a question when she really met Michelle.

At least, Michelle needed someone to take care of her. But as a friend, Emily couldn't be with her.

"Why did it become like this? Scott, it's you, you made Michelle look like this. "

While speaking, Emily cried.

Scott had been blaming himself all the time. Now hearing what Emily said, his heart suddenly cooled down.

"Well, don't blame Scott, Emily. He doesn't want the thing happened like this," At this time, the only person who could stand out to speak was Walter.

Comforted by Walter, Emily cried even harder.

"No, I have to find Michelle. Walter, we'll buy the air ticket tomorrow. " Emily said while crying. She felt that her heart was almost broken.

Walter didn't have the heart to refuse her, so he nodded.

On that day, Emily and Walter two bought air tickets to A City, and of course, Scott. On the plane, Emily was still holding her son in her arms. It was not until now that she knew that Scott had only seen Michelle once in A City.

After the plane landed in A City, Emily took out her phone and logged in WeChat. For so many years, Michelle had never logged in WeChat or something like that. It turned out that it was because she couldn't see it. But just now, Scott said that Michelle had a phone.