Telling Lies, loving you

Chapter 232 I Only Like You

"No, I like you."

Frank said stubbornly. He would only marry Michelle in his life.

Michelle had no choice. She could tell his expression from the voice, "Frank, I don't know how to tell you. Maybe I can't let myself go. Please give me some time."

She had seen how good Frank was, but liking him was different from being a girlfriend. But Michelle was afraid that she would irritate him if she refused him at this time, so she had to say it euphemistically.

Fortunately, Frank didn't continue to pester her, or she really couldn't stand it.

There was no taste in the meal. Michelle went upstairs alone after the meal. She needed time to think about it, and more time to forget Scott, completely forget him.

After getting along with Frank for such a long time, Michelle knew what kind of person he was. She had to admit that he was a good man.

Night gradually swept over, and Michelle was still sitting on the sofa in a daze. For her, day and night were no different. Her phone would broadcast voice at every time, reminding her to know whether it was night or day.

Two years had passed, and it seemed to have become an indispensable habit of her life.

In the dark night, Scott stood in front of the French window and looked down at the city.

"Go and check in for a long time for me." At this time, the assistant came back with a take out. Just as the assistant put the things in his hands on the tea table, he heard the cold voice of Scott.

"Mr. Scott, why do you suddenly plan to live in A City for so long? I remembered that you don't like this city all the time? " The assistant asked in confusion. In fact, he knew what had happened today. But he didn't dare to mention it, fearing that it would touch the heart of Scott.

But he couldn't abandon the head company in C City for the sake of his private affairs. The company couldn't be alive without a boss.

"I asked you to go, just go. When did you have so much nonsense?" Scott looked at his assistant angrily and warned.

"Yes, I'll do it right away." The assistant realized that he had said something wrong, so he nodded and left the room quickly.

After he left, Scott was still standing in front of the French window, wondering what Michelle was doing at the moment.

In the middle of the night, Michelle vaguely heard the footsteps coming from the corridor. Knowing that something had happened, she immediately got up from the bed. She opened the door and listened to the sound outside.

"What happened?" Coincidentally, someone passed by, and Michelle seized the opportunity to ask him.