Telling Lies, loving you

Chapter 230 We Are So Close, But We Miss

"Mr. Frank, I'm really sorry. I failed to protect Miss. Michelle..."

In the villa of the Zhou family, Frank immediately answered the phone call from the headmaster of the school. After hearing the news, he immediately became very angry. Why did Michelle work so hard? Who on earth dared to make trouble for her?

"Who is that woman?" Frank asked coldly on the other end of the phone, which made the principal shiver.

At this time, the woman who had just made a fuss in the school was taking a walk on the street with her son's hand in her hand, with a complacent smile on her face. All of a sudden, she stopped and bent down as if she had remembered something. "Son, you have to be as brave as mother in the future, or everyone thinks you are easy to be bullied."

After speaking, a black car quickly stopped in front of the two people. Before the woman could raise her head, she had been dragged into the car. She tried to roar, but her mouth was covered by a wet tissue the next second.

A strong feeling rushed into her nose, and a few seconds later, she fell on the chair.

After an hour.

When the woman woke up in a daze, she felt weak all over and darkness came to her eyes. She shivered and sobered herself immediately. She sat up from the sofa in a hurry. When her sight gradually adapted to the darkness, she wanted to stand up, but her legs were weak and fell to the ground again.

She looked around in panic and found a strong figure sitting on a chair not far away. The woman's forehead began to sweat. She was so feared to scream and ran around madly.

But before she could take a few steps, her body was pulled to the ground by a strong force.

"Who are you?" The woman sat on the cold ground and looked up at the man sitting on the chair.

"Is it important?" The man's voice was as cold as ice for a thousand years, which made the woman want to retreat behind.

"Why do you take me here? Do you know who I am?" Although the woman was scared, she just realized who she was and suddenly had an imposing manner.

Seeing her so arrogant, Frank felt angry. He took a look at the men in black standing beside the woman. Immediately, they grabbed the woman's hair and dragged her outside.

"Ah..." Subconsciously, the woman covered the back of her head with her hands. The pain made her scream and cry. "Please, let me go."

Frank was still sitting on the chair. He looked at the woman who was dragged away and said coldly, "kill her."

When the woman heard his words, she immediately trembled with fear. She begged him in a trembling voice, "please, let me go. I have a six year old child in my family. Can you let me go?"