Telling Lies, loving you

Chapter 227 Scott, Calm Down!

Her hatred was undisguised and hysterical.

Looking at her, Scott felt so painful that he was like being stabbed by a knife, he was so painful to cry.

"Well, if my death can make you feel relieved, then I will really die."

As he spoke, Scott pulled out the knife from his arm and stabbed it into his chest. At that moment, Michelle stared at the man in front of her with her eyes wide open. She couldn't believe that he would do that!

If it was a mistake, why didn't he explain?

Tears finally fell down, and the room was filled with desolation.

Scott raised his hand and gently rubbed the corner of her eyes with his cold finger pulp. He wiped the tears on her face, but the more tears on her face.

Tears streamed down her face.

Michelle pushed him away, turned around and ran out.

"Michelle..." Scott called her name behind her back, but because of the pain in his body, he had no strength to call her name at all.

Emily and Walter ran in in a hurry, but they saw the injured Scott. Walter quickly called the emergency number.

"Hurry up. Go and find Michelle. I'm worried..." Scott sat on the edge of the bed and said with a pale face, but he fainted before he finished his words.

On the road, Michelle kept running. Tears, like pearls with broken thread, fell down from her eyelids one by one.

Scott's words lingered in her ears. In her mind, Scott personally inserted the fruit knife into his chest All the pictures and sounds filled her mind.

She was scared and heartbroken.

"Why? I hate him, but why does my heart hurt so much?"

Finally, she stopped under the street lamp, heartbroken and unable to breathe. The night was so quiet that even the sound of insects could not be heard.

Her consciousness gradually fell into a blur, like a heavy mist. She didn't know that she had cried for a long time in this place, and she only felt that her vision was getting blurred.

Suddenly, she stood up from the ground and stumbled towards the middle of the road. The harsh light and horn came from afar, but Michelle didn't make any movement. She was still on the path of her own choice and never took a step back.


In the dark night, the sound of a sudden brake pierced the sky at this second. Michelle didn't even have time to scream before she flew out. As she kept rolling, the blood stains on the road were instantly shocking. Her body stopped rolling in the distance, and there was no sound at all.