Telling Lies, loving you

Chapter 224 Michelle, Watch Out!

All gone.

The words contained too much meaning. Where Michelle grew up, all her memories were gone.

She wanted to cry, but she held back her tears. That kind of sadness made her feel even worse.

"Michelle, it's okay. The company will compensate us. You and your mother can buy a new house then." Although Aunt Lucy didn't know what happened to Michelle's family, she knew that everyone would feel bad without this family.

Some things couldn't be bought with money.

The memories of this family were so important to Olivia. It was the only thing left before Michelle father's death.

"Michelle, where have you been?"

At this time, the phone suddenly rang. Michelle subconsciously took out the phone and put it beside her ear.

Emily's anxious voice came into her ears, which made her heart beat faster. "What's wrong?"

"I don't know where Scott has gone. The bed is empty!"


After hanging up the phone, Michelle ran out in a hurry, completely leaving the matter of the community behind. Now the most important thing was to find Scott. He had wounds all over his body. Where could he go?

"Master, go to the hospital as soon as possible, Municipal Hospital!"

At this moment, Michelle held the phone tightly as if she was holding someone's life. She lowered her head to look at the phone, afraid that she would miss the call.

The car rushed to the hospital at the fastest speed. After getting out of the car, Michelle ran towards the hospital in a hurry, not knowing that a black Porsche was rushing towards her behind her.

"Michelle, watch out!"

Before Michelle could turn around to see who was in the car, she was pushed hard. Then the sound of something colliding with each other and the sound of the car slamming on the brake came to her ears.

Regardless of the pain on her elbow, Michelle stood up and looked at the woman lying on the cold ground. Her heart seemed to be hit hard by something.


At this time, Olivia was lying on the ground, motionless. Blood was flowing out of her body, and she was lying in the blood alone. Michelle rushed to her mother, sat in the pool of blood and cried bitterly.

"Mom, wake up. Open your eyes and look at me. Mom..."

Michelle held her mother's bloody face and kept calling her, but her mother seemed to be asleep.

The black Porsche ran away in a hurry after the accident. Everyone's attention was focused on the person who was hit, and no one paid attention to the appearance of the driver.