Telling Lies, loving you

Chapter 217 My Heart Hurts, Really

Once the misunderstanding started, it was difficult to explain it clearly.

Scott had no choice but to go out.

When the door was closed, Michelle cried again. Outside, listening to Michelle's heartbroken cry, Scott's heart also ached.

Emily knew there was a misunderstanding between the two, but it was difficult to explain it clearly now.

After receiving the news, Olivia rushed over and pushed the door open. She saw her daughter curling up weakly on the bed, in a daze.

At that moment, as a mother, she felt extremely painful.

"Honey, I've heard from Scott that he didn't do it on purpose. Since you love him, why don't you understand him? "

After all, Olivia had experienced something, and she believed in Scott.

After getting along with each other for such a long time, Olivia was sure that Scott loved Michelle very much.

"Mom, you won't understand." Michelle didn't want to say too much, because she had lost too much. Now, what else could she say?

All she wanted now was to leave the city as soon as possible and live a normal life in a place where no one could find her.

Emily stood aside and looked at Michelle, who had been crying all night. Her heart clenched.

She knew Michelle very well. Once she made up her mind, it would be difficult to change it. She believed that this time, it was difficult for Michelle to choose to believe in Scott.

It was raining outside the window and the wind blew in. The rain fell on her face. It was cold.

Perhaps, her heart had been completely cold like this rain

At midnight, everyone was holding an umbrella and running on the path in the dark, with anxiety on their faces.

"Have you found Michelle?"

"No news."

"Where will she go?"

Michelle was missing. No one knew where she went and when she came out.

Everyone was worried that Michelle would take the opportunity to commit suicide. After two betrays of love, her heart had already died.

Scott drove the car at full speed in the dark night. Rain poured on his cold and serious face through the glass window.

"Michelle, where on earth are you?"