Tales of the Rope

Chapter 12: The Haunted House Continued

Chapter 12: The Haunted House Continued

When the three teens backed up to survey their work, they were pleased. Darlene was quite secured and wouldn’t be freeing herself. Ropes and tape secured her arms and legs, and more rope held her in the center of the closet. She strained on her toes to keep that rope around her neck from tightening. Her eyes showed the fear she was feeling within. This was an exciting game, but poor little Darlene was nearing the point when she would be left alone, and that frightened her a great deal.

Another whispered debate raged as to whether to leave the rope around her neck or allow her to rest her feet flat on the floor. It was finally decided to loosen the rope just a bit, enough to allow her feet down but keep some pressure on her neck. It would keep her, they all agreed, from throwing her body back and forth in an attempt to loosen the ropes holding her.

The teens had been casting nervous glances around them, searching the dark corners of the old house where strange shadows from their muted lights danced on the dirty walls. Each in turn entered the closet to give Darlene a farewell kiss on her gagged lips. She whined a final plea for mercy but was ignored by the excited teenagers. The last girl, being Darlene’s closest friend, touched her pussy as she kissed the ball gag. A tingle shot through Darlene, and she prayed that touch would be followed by more. But the teenager girl, with a wicked smile, only took a couple pubic hairs between her fingers and yanked them out, evoking a muffled cry from the poor girl.

The boy wedged a piece of wood under the closet door so it would stay open. Then they picked up the flashlights, extra tape and ropes, and left.

The house was not quiet. When the sound of the departing van faded, there were still creaking noises that Darlene hoped were from the wood in the walls cooling down after a hot summer day. There were little whisperings and scratching that might be branches rubbing against the outside of the house. At least she hoped they were. Through the open door, the captive girl could see dim light coming in the dirty windows, the distant city lights reflecting off the increasing cloud cover, and strange shadows moving in the dark.