Sweet Twins

Chapter 650 Brandy

Not long after Nancy returned to her office, Brandy followed.

Brandy's tone was very calm, and there was no trace of jealousy in it.

After taking off her coat and putting it back in the closet, Nancy said,

"Please don't call me director anymore. I will come to work tomorrow as an ordinary doctor, but I'm still very satisfied. I don't really care about the title. Seeing the patients is enough to make me happy." What she said left Brandy astonished.

For a doctor like her, it was hard to accept being demoted. "Have you told Charles about it?"

"He knows."

"He agreed?" There was an obvious disbelief in Brandy’s eyes.

"Well, it was me who suggested it. As I've said, I don't care whether I'm a director or not. I like being a doctor. Please don't feel guilty for having the position." For fear that the competition that happened with Anna would repeat, Nancy expressed her stand to Brandy. It was not that she thought Brandy was like Anna; she just wanted to prevent having a feud at work again.

"How can you do that? I really don’t know what’s running on his mind. You have been the director here for so long. How can you be an ordinary doctor once you come back? Director Nancy, don't worry. I'll call Charles right now and ask him what happened." Without waiting for her reply, Brandy angrily took out her phone and dialed Charles' number.

"What's the matter, Charles? I'm glad that Nancy will come back to work tomorrow. It's my pleasure to have a chance to ask her for advice. She is more experienced than me. She should be my mentor. How can I be relieved to be the director? How about you appoint her as the director again? I will cooperate with her work. Don't worry. I will absolutely listen to her arrangement." It could be told from her tone that Brandy was really sincere with what she had said. She wasn’t faking her concern at all, and Nancy appreciated it.

"It's okay. She asked for it herself. You can stay as the director." Charles' voice sounded lazy and weak.

Perhaps it was because he didn't sleep well last night and he was exhausted today, or because he was so angry with Nancy that Charles felt his whole body burning.

It was as if his heart and body were on fire.

When Brandy noticed that his voice was slightly different, she began to worry. "What's wrong, Charles? You don't sound okay to me."

upset and want to drink." Irritated by the heat he was feeling, Charles impatiently

she threw a glance at

last person I want to see now. Come and have a drink with

If truth be told, Brandy felt excited. But she couldn't show it

you alone? I think it's better if we go with Director Nancy. Let's go out to have a get-together. If the two of

considerate woman, so I think

was standing beside Brandy, she could hear the

a drink? Why didn't he allow Nancy to

I want to come!' Nancy

Brandy, I have to go to the kindergarten to pick up my children today. You can go by yourself. Charles is in a bad mood. Please comfort him well." Although she was irritated, Nancy still flashed a smile to show that she

don't get me wrong. Charles liked to talk to me whenever he was upset when we were still in high school. I guess it's just the same today."

sounded like she was hiding

to talk to her when they were still studying? Was she implying that he didn’t like talking to Nancy?

I might not be as

I can take the opportunity to break away from Charles. Maybe something's going on with them; that's

Well, that's good!'

Have a good time. Goodbye." After bidding her

Nancy wasn't bothered at all, but she actually felt a little

couldn't tell what

and maybe Nancy

couldn't let Charles drive her since he asked Brandy out for a drink. Moreover, the

the street to wait for a taxi. Minutes had passed but she hadn't seen any, which was strange. There were always taxis at the gate of

it was her

the Uber. Three minutes later, a car arrived and

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