Sweet Twins

Chapter 646 Safe And Sound

Frightened by Charles' words, Derrick felt that his heart skipped a beat.

Everything he did in the club was very covert. It could be said that Charles didn't have any evidence yet. Otherwise, he wouldn't be sitting here safe and sound.

Or could it be that Charles already had some clues, but he just didn't tell anyone because of Frederic's physical condition?

Thinking about these random guesses, Derrick steeled himself to put on a smile.

"Dad, what kind of club do you have? Why don't I know?" For a moment, Derrick had forgotten to play dumb because of the fear that crept into him.

This didn't escape Charles' eyes. He squinted at him indifferently but he didn’t say anything more.

Derrick was good at acting, so Charles decided to be an onlooker for the time being.

After hearing Derrick’s questions, Frederic looked at him with burning eyes. "Derrick, don't you know the matter about Dale?"

"Oh, there are so many clubs in this city. But Dad, which one do you want to take me to? There are a lot of women in the club, and they are all stunning. Ah, I haven't seen them for a long time. Let them know that we miss them."

On this part, Derrick didn’t have to pretend at all. He just showed the lustful side of him.

"Hey, Charles, look at your uncle; he must be out of his mind. What is he talking about?" Helpless, Frederic turned to Charles with a sigh. He was annoyed at Derrick too, but he felt responsible for him.

"Uncle, you are so silly. Let me tell you. The women in Romantic Private Club are really beautiful. Uncle, how about I introduce some women to you?" As smart as he was, Derrick figured out that Charles was still testing his reaction.

most, especially Nancy. I think she is the most beautiful woman in the world. Would you like to introduce Nancy to me?

to understand him. But when he couldn’t take it anymore, he scolded, "Derrick, what are you talking about? Nancy is your nephew's wife. Why do you want

mad at me. I just want to see Nancy. I would really be sad if I don't meet her. You won't hit me, will you? Hardy, please don't hit me. From now on, I promise to always listen to you. I will gladly meet whichever woman you want me to meet. What do

was nothing left to say for Hardy. Derrick’s case

and cunning brother he had ended

this world. It was Dale's fault. It

"Okay, you're right. Uncle, there's nothing going on between Nancy and Rick.

a scene. He couldn't be reasonable in front of his family. They would just tell him to let Derrick be for the

end to their discussion. With Frederic's support, Derrick was now fearless

to the hospital to see me. I haven't

if he was mocking Charles, Derrick waved at him and smiled. "Aren't you stupid? Why do

seem bothered at all. "I'm a fool, but I still haven’t forgotten about you. Why can't I remember my own

he interrupted them right away. "Charles, don't make fun of your uncle. Take good care of your own life

I'm leaving," replied Charles,

example of what generation gap looked like. It was really difficult

of the room, he heard Frederic scolding Derrick for achieving nothing at such an

Derrick didn't listen. It didn't really matter if he didn't listen to him,

only suffered a crushing defeat,

see him, he wanted to kill Derrick. How could Joseph come to see

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