Sweet Twins

Chapter 644 A Vicious Man

When Charles heard this, he couldn't help but breathe out a sigh of relief. It was a perfect timing for Frederic to look for him.

"Okay, I'll be right there." After tidying up his clothes, Charles grabbed his coat and went out.

As the door slammed close, Nancy slumped her shoulders like a defeated cock.

At this moment, she was wondering whether Charles would take back his promise about letting her go back to work, since they had a fight just now.

This man was too vicious!

No matter how much she wanted to see Nana, she couldn't go anywhere because she had a fever. As a doctor, she knew that she had to get better first before she could check her patients.

Feeling dizzy, Nancy took some medicine.

'Damn Charles! He knows I have a fever, but he still bullied me. He deserves to be infected with my cold!'

She was cursing Charles in her head until she fell asleep.

On the other hand, Charles was calm when he went to Frederic’s room.

When he entered the room, three heads turned to him.

"Grandpa," he called Frederic softly.

seen that Frederic’s face looked a lot

as Charles sat down in front of Frederic’s

come to see me for a long time. Have you forgotten

Frederic, so he took out his

intend to see the news, it was inevitable for him to see

be a smart man, but I he makes me worry now. Call and

dropped his phone,

me. You have already known it, haven't you? In the early morning, Charles and Nancy were chasing after each other downstairs. What's going on? Does Charles still look like the CEO of TS Group? Does Nancy look like a director of pediatric department? They brought

each other?" After everything that happened in the past, Angelina could only hope that Charles and Nancy would end up together. However, she also saw the photo wherein Rick and Nancy were hugging each other a few days ago, which made her

her care, she would have talked to Nancy. To her surprise, two days later, the photo of Charles and Nancy

people nowadays are really hard to understand. Sometimes it's sunny; sometimes it's raining. What are these two doing? I

both Angelina and Hardy kept it from him. But they didn't

expected, Frederic was really

scold Nancy too much. Instead, he asked someone to

hurried to find a nurse and asked her

at Frederic's expression, Charles thought, 'He dislikes me

had so many things to deal with in the office, and then he had to pursue Nancy. He was busy taking care

every day? How busy are you? You can't even keep an eye on your woman, can you?"

mean? Nancy is an adult. Why does she need me to keep an

watched? What happened to Nancy and Rick? How did they hug each other? Nancy is such an excellent girl. Do you think no one likes her except

that Frederic had put in a good word for

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