Supreme Mars

Chapter 104 Captain Obvious

Then all the newspapers and media started reporting this news and Rebecca and Caroline naturally read the booming information.

They looked at the news in shock and was amazed by how much Leo was able to put into this project.

“Jesus Christ. Three hundred per day? The total payment is going to be thirty million yuan. Who would do that?” Caroline was dumbfounded and said to herself.

Rebecca thought for a while and then continued, “Well, this must be a big project that is approved by the top officials and is founded by them. It’s a national project, so that it would have this kind of support. Well, isn’t our city is shelving a land reform project? They are probably going to initiate it!”

While saying this, Rebecca turned to Robin and said excitedly, “Dad, I remember that our family is also part of this project, right?”

Robin frowned and replied, “We are not exactly a part of it. Only the four rich families are eligible enough to take part in such a huge project. We are just trying to have some profits working with one of the Stewart family.”

Leo remained undisturbed. The four rich families included the Lawson Family, the Stewart family, the Hamilton family, and the Wilson family. Right now, only Leo had contacted with the Lawson Family and the other three families remained secretive.

But he was still not very concerned, after all, to him, they were nothing.

Rebecca didn’t care about Robin ’s words and added energetically, “It’s a good thing anyway. This is a pretty huge project and though we are just going to have a small profit, it must be a hefty amount of money. Our family can probably take this chance to work with the four rich families more.”

Hearing Rebecca’s words, Robin sort of agreed with her.

“Okay then, I will find a time and go to pay a visit to the Stewart family myself.”

The whole Ford family basked in pleasure.

In their minds, only a huge project at the city level can bring these many of workers to the Emerdale all of a sudden.

Among all these people, only William looked at Leo worryingly.

Leo then nodded at him and motioned him to not worry about this.

“Okay then. We’ve seen enough of this show. When are you going to give us this project? You won’t be able to do that.”

Rebecca suddenly changed the subject and sneered at Leo and William.