Supreme Mars

Chapter 101 Loot A Burning House

While sipping the coffee leisurely on the top floor of International Commerce Center, Leo was also reading Ryan’s personal information.

Then Justin knocked on the door and entered the office.

He was slowing down his steps deliberately as he was afraid that the sound of leather shoes hitting the floor might disturb the quietness in the office.

“Mr. Cohen, I’ve already informed the Mr. Hammond of Vesper Corporation. He will be up to see you in five minutes.” Justin said respectfully.


Leo then nodded and landed his sight on Ryan’s profile and squinted his eyes, “Is this Ryan Frank’s adopted son?”


Justin then glanced at Ryan’s photos and said seriously, “Frank was quite a playboy when he was young and had a lot of affairs. Ryan is just one of his many love children.”


Leo captured the key information in Justin’s words and asked, “Does Frank have many love children?”

Justin nodded and replied, “He has many sons and all of them are illegitimate children.”

Hearing Justin’s words, Leo put down the teacup and wondered, “Is this information accurate?”

“Absolutely true.”

Justin then continued, “Frank’s wife died early and he already had a lot of bastards back then, but his wife gave birth to a daughter before she passed away.”


Justin nodded seriously, “Frank has a daughter, but the father-daughter relationship is pretty bad. It’s said that his daughter loathes him and doesn’t live in The Perry Family all these years, so we don’t have a lot of information about her.”

“We only know that she doesn’t take Frank’s last name.”

“I see...”

Leo’s expression changed a bit. Maybe it was because that he was a first-time parent now, he was somewhat triggered when he heard that Frank’s daughter took her mother’s last name.

“Many of his love children had all joined the Perry Family over the years and became his helpers. Ryan is one of them.” Justin continued filling in the information.

“But Frank doesn’t have any fatherly feelings towards them and only treats them as minions who would do missions for him. At the bottom of his heart, he only cares about his daughter and wants her to be the master of the house when he is old which is annoying for those bastards.”