Chapter 465

Lucia's heart sank when she heard this, and she was momentanly speechless

Mrs Mitchell continued, "I hear her always talk about that man. Could he be a bad person?"

After a brief pause, Lucia said, "It's just a friend."

Ms. Mitchell was still a little confused, "What friend? Janet couldn't stop talking about him. I don't think she is so clingy to Paul

Lucia forced out a smile. "He's just a close friend of mine. He brought Janet and Timothy to the amusement park." Mrs Mitchell was relieved when she heard this. She muttered to herself, "It's fine as long as he's not a bad guy...

Lucia took a deep breath Seeing her mom had left, she opened the door and walked in

Janet lay on the bed, covered with a thick blanket, only revealing her little face.

Lucia walked up and sat down gently on the edge of the bed She checked the temperature of Janet's forehead and it was still a little hot. It seems that the fever will not come down until the medicine takes effect


Lucia heard Janet call her weakly. She hurriedly lowered her head to look at Janet. Looking at the frail little girl, her heart suddenly softened.

She comforted her in a soft voice. "Have a good rest sweetheart, mom is here Don't be afraid You'll feel better after sleeping."

Janet moved and stretched out a small hand to grab her finger. In a weak voice, she said, "Mom, I miss Uncle Handsome Maybe another day..

Before Janet could finish her words, Lucia had already subconsciously knitted her brows

Unexpectedly, in Janet's heart, August's position was higher than Paul's When she was sick, the person she wanted to see the most was not her "father", but August!

"... Can you let Handsome Uncle come and see me?"

Hearing those words, Lucia's heart tightened as she subconsciously rejected, "No!"

asked in

while, she probed, "Daddy will come to see

"But I want to


magic did August have to make a four-year-old child keep thinking about him? Was it really because they are father and daughter?

matter what, she could not allow Janet to have any contact with August again. Sooner or later, she would have to leave. The long pain was better

the other requests, but

as she tucked Janet in

by her attitude. After a while, she reached out her small hand and gently held Lucia's hand. In a small voice, she said, "Mom, I know. I'll have a good

deep breath and softened her voice a little, "Go to bed, you need more rest to get

closed her eyes obediently.

more at ease. She stood up and left

child, but suffering a little pain now was better than suffering more in

on the outskirts of Austos City, a black car drove into

men in black uniforms came out of the car. They stood

went to the second floor and went

sat on the sofa and lazily shook the glass in his hand. When he heard the sound, he turned around

sneered and sat down next to him, "It takes some time to get

poured himself a glass, gestured at Bishop Adams, and tilted his head to

and asked calmly. "Have you caught

of the mole, Mr. Denko's face twitched, and a cold light flashed in his eyes, "This fox hid it very well."

low voice, "It's not a big

He immediately raised his hand and refused with a smile, "It's just a family affair. I can

your birthday soon? | asked you to come here because I

Denko laughed and asked, "Is it

Isn't it the biggest gift for you?"

raised his eyebrows and asked,

on Mr. Denko's missing finger, "Just

and asked, "Tell me, what's the method? Are you using that woman?"

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