Stolen Innocence

Chapter 9: The Truth Hurts

Dominic POV:

How could I be so fuck'n stupid!!!

To think that mu baby sis was the reason of our mothers death?

To find out the truth behind everything. The gang, all my father lies, my mother death. Literately had me at breaking point. All I could think about was my baby sister that I have spent ignoring and tormenting for the last few years.

I didn't even know how to tell her I'm so sorry for all the pain I put her through.

I did all of that because I stupidly listened to the man I once called father. This is all his fault.

And I'm going to make him pay for taking our mother away.


After the little convo at the nursebay, Kerra suggested we all head back to hers so she could further explain everything to us.

Back at the place, everyone was introduced to each other. Looking for my little nephew, he came running out and straight into the arms of Zahrah???

Did Zahrah know already???

"Okay. I am going to explain the truth. So don't interrupt me. Got it!" Kerra finished off sternly.

Nodding our heads in understanding, she sat on Vincent's lap and continued.

"First of I will always love you Zahrah" I was about to interrupt when she gave me a stern look. shutting my mouth, I let her carry on.

"Zahrah is our half sister. She has a different dad"

Wow to say we were all shocked was an understatement, looking back at Zahrah I watch her drop her head.

Instincts kick in and I get up and crouch in front of her. Grabbing her hand between mine I softly whisper "You're still my baby sister that I'll always love no matter what" hoping that she would say something she pulls her hands out of mine immediately.

Sighing I get up and sit back in my original seat. Giving my full attention back to my older sister, she looks at Zahrah in a way that I couldn't quite figure out.

"Zahrah, is it okay if I tell them" Zahrah looked a little hesitant at first but nodded her head.

"Okay I won't go into any details of it, but when dad found out. He tried to get with Zahrah".

Wait what? What the actual fuck? Giving Kerra a wtf look she just closes her eye and inhales deeply.

"He tried to, but mum stopped him. Dad was full of rage when mum intervened to protect Zahrah. So he did the only thing he was actually good at" she then looked me in the eye, and that's when I saw it.

Her eyes softened and changed to pity?

Turning away from me she looked out the window and softly whispered something I couldn't quite catch.

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