Stolen Innocence

Chapter 7: Sister To The Rescue

Kerra's Pov:


I'm so excited! I get to see my two babies. I've been waiting for this day and now it's finally here.

I frantically start looking around and immediately stop when I see them. I try holding back my tears and sprint into his awaiting arms.

Feeling his loving arms wrap around me, I let out my cry and tell him how much I have missed them. I pull away softly and look over at the man I'm happy to call the love of my life and our baby boy.

Oh how I missed them, I wish I didn't get taken away from them.

"Hey baby, I'm so happy you're out. You have no idea how much it killed me to not wake up tp you or to fall asleep with you in my arms. I love you so much baby". Damn is he really trying to make me cry a damn river.

Vincent's Pov:

I'm so happy my baby is out! I wish she wasn't taken from us. Argh I just want to kill him!!!

Smiling down at my beautiful women in my arms, I feel a lone tear slide down my face.

I'm so happy my love is with me and our son now.

It was honestly a painful year without her. And the fact that some bitches and hoes thought they had a chance with me????

Aye bitch I've only ever had one women in my mind, which is my wife. She is the only women for me, she is the only women I have been with.