Scarletts P.O.V

Both you and Oliver are in the car. You decide to pull away from his mom's house quickly before something else sets him off and he changes his mind about leaving and gets out of the car. After a few moments in silence as you process what's just happened. Oliver clears his throat before speaking, though you can hear the emotion in his voice.

"I-I couldn't stop. I thought of every fucking time he put his hands on me and my mom, and I just lost control"

'I know. I know Oliver"

You place your hand on his thigh, squeezing gently as he cups his chin, scratching at it as he continues as if he hasn't heard you.

"And when he fucking called you a whore... I swear to go I saw black. I didn't feel anything. Not even when he was hitting me. Not a fucking thing. All I wanted to do was hurt him. To make. Him feel the pain he's made me feel. The pain my mom is feeling right now!"

Your sympathy is unyielding. It consumes you swifter then anything has, and makes your heart race with anger. You pull off onto a side road, speeding and driving deeper into a brush of trees as you can get yourself to move, despite Oliver's confusion.

"Scarlett, where are we?"

I just want to be the calm in the storm for him. What makes him forget. Or lessen his pain.

You park the car, pulling the keys out of the ignition and unhooking your seatbelt, as you're fuelled by passion into his lap.


"I think I'm falling for you. It sounds crazy out loud, but I just want to ease your pain. Just the thought of you going through this is making me fucking crazy. I might be man idiot for admitting this, or being this vulnerable in front of you, but I am falling for you, Oliver."

guarding himself from your scrutiny as you wait for his response. The

a hand through his hair as

be, I cant keep myself away from you. And

his lap before you can think, capturing his mouth with yours, desperately trying to lose yourself in him. You cup his face in your hands, passionately

God, I love him...

"Oh, Oliver"

skirt of your dress before he begins pulling it

about you.

in between your thighs to glide along your glistening folds. You shiver at the warm contact of his fingers,

for me. I have to have you right now,

soon as he grips his thick member in his hand,

inside of me, Oliver. So

get tired

too capture the head of his bulge inside of you, moaning when he hisses from the pressure of your wet

"You're mine"


skilfully, before he begins bouncing your hips repeatedly, gliding your velvety smooth

"Too fucking good"

god. I

flicks his thumb across the swollen bundled of nerves atop your slit, causing

"And you..."

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