Scarletts P.O.V

He frightens you. His anger is volcanic. It pulses through his gains, causing his limbs to shake as he storms away. His fingers flex repeatedly into closed fists. You race after him, towards the car, phone clutched tightly in your hand.

Oh my god... I've never seen him this furious before. He's going to do something stupid. Maybe I should call did dad? Kirk would know what to do. Right?

"Oliver! Wait! Don't do something stupid"

He doesn't stop walking as he crosses to the parking lot. His shoulders high with tension as he whips his head around in search of his car.


"Oliver, you're just going to make things worse! Why don't you go visit your mom? She'd like that? Let the police handle her boyfriend"

Just as you near him, he stops abruptly. You gasp when you almost run into him. He twists around, his brows knitted downwards as he eyes you, his muscular chest having with each angered breath.

"That's the fucking problem, Scarlett. No one is doing anything. And my mother? she's the last person I'm going to listen too. She doesn't even have enough sense to leave the asshole. He'll have to kill her before she makes the conscious, logical fucking decision to get away from him"

His hoarse voice makes your tongue dry. You swallow the lump in your throat an reach for him, frowning when he jerks away from your touch.

hurt. I


open your mouth to plead with him, but he turns and begins stalking off in the direction of his car


you finally manage to push the right numbers, you place the phone

Please answer. Fucking answer.

Oliver reach his car, yanking

"Awe, shit!"

yore running to Oliver's car, phone balanced awkwardly in your grasp ass you answer him with broken, words as you

mother is very upset right now. I think you should

need you to drive to Oliver's moms


He's not fucking listening!

to fight her boyfriend! You have

Where is Oliver

going with him, but I cant stop

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