Scarletts P.O.V

Its not the way friends and family cheer you, screaming your name proudly from their seats in the auditorium that makes your grin sinfully as you climb the steps to the stage to receive your diploma. No. Its the taste of Oliver on your tongue; the salty remnants of of his orgasm which reminds you of the pure pleasure you evoked within him.

He actually came on my tongue... and I drank every fucking drop.

The lights beaming on you are too bright to seek out Oliver's familiar gaze, but you can feel his eyes on you, greedily drinking you in like you're meant for his gaze only. Its unnerving in all the right ways. You know your nipples are hard, hidden by your graduation gown, thankfully.

One thing is for sure. I'm doing that again.

After you gracefully receive your diploma and graduation is finished, the celebration migrates back to your house in the form of light music, family, Bri and takeout. Your mother excitedly begins showing photos she's taken of you. You admire the candid photo she got of you hugging Bri.

"That's such a cute little memory! I'll have to have it printed out... how about one of you and Oliver, Scar?"

Your eyes move to the kitchen where Oliver is wiping something he's spilled on the counter, but upon resting your eyes on him, a slow smile spreads on his lips.

God, when he looks at me like that... I cant think straight.

"I uh, sure. Why not"

"Wouldn't want to forget this day"

For emphasis, Oliver presses his thumb against his bottom lip, his eyes trained on your mouth as he nears you.

Holy shit! He's talking about earlier... when I had my mouth wrapped around him.

"Isn't that right, Scar?"

He utters your name slowly when he stands beside you and wraps his arm around your waists, making sure to graze your hip with his fingers. You jump from his touch, clearing your throat awkwardly as your mom raises a questioning brow at you.

"Why are you so jumpy, Scarlett?"

making suggestive remarks about when I sucked his

long day. I'm probably

shrugs, stepping backwards as she begins to angle her phone towards you. Oliver's soft chuckle vibrates his chest as he tilts his head closer to yous. His voice is barely a whisper


can play at

I was satisfied enough earlier. I'm hungry for

it, Scar... makes me hard as

at his jeans where you find a bulge forming. He turns slightly

can still taste

"Okay! Cheese on three!"

laughter as she takes a quick picture of

Food will be here soon, Scar. Why don't you go

"Yeah, Scarlett"

hallway, a cheeky grin on her face as she glances between you and Oliver. Her graduation gown is off, and now she's dressed in a cute, light pink dress that gently hugs her curves. You can tell she's teasing you. She wiggles

I'll go

you don't need any

she fucking insane? She cannot

shift your eyes to your mom and Kirk, sighing with relief when you

going to smother her with a damn pillow! She doesn't know when to

"Bri, what the hell?"

Besides, I was quiet

what your wearing, but I cant guarantee to keep my

your waist and he

him to keep his hands to himself. This might not be the place or right

disappearing down the hall. You half expect him to follow you, but you don't hear the heavy sound of his footsteps behind you when you get to the

on... I barely know

for your bedroom door, pushing into the room before closing it behind you, and pressing your back against it to take a steady breath. Oliver shrouds your mind, evading your excess like a virus you don't

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