Scarletts P.O.V

The next few days go by in a blur with preparation of your graduation. Oliver's gone visiting his mom for a few days, and his absence is surprisingly more agitating than you thought. Finally, after hours of makeup and outfit choices, you and Bri have arrived at school for the graduation ceremony. You're eager to see Oliver gain.

"God, you still looking for him?"

"No. Just checking to see who's here."

Okay, well its not a total lie.

"Sure... you haven't taken your eyes off that door"

"So what? I'm looking for my parents too"

"Mhm. Or just super homed in on the dude who's fucking you"

"He is not!"

You narrow your eyes and glance around at the people passing you. Bri's lack of privacy always results in your business being spilled to strangers. You glare at her, and cross your arms over your chest.

"Can you say that any louder? Damn"

"Whatever. But you know its true"

"You're a pain in my ass"

"But why would he even go back there after the whole mom's boyfriend incident?"

"Its still his mom"

"Not worth it to me"

You shrug, purse your lips curiously as you continue to search the crowd in pursuit of his familiar dark eyes.

"Oh shit. Is that Theresa?"


"Over there?"

you make eye contact with her. And alongside her is Oliver, looking irresistible in dark slacks

the hell is

fuck is he with

of all the days for this shit to happen, it happens when I have to walk on stage

shifts and makes constant with your priori get stare. He narrows his eyes scrutinisingly, but his expression is

"Yep. That's them"

fucking date to your graduation?... what

seems like I'm the one who

keep trusting a

over your styled hair, gently arranging the bangs slightly out

I don't


to let it get to me. I don't care enough

here they come...

to say

please don't. I don't want to make a scene, and its the last thing

the hell are your parents? Why aren't they here with

"He probably drove himself..."

"Or with her"

smile, before turning to Oliver as they stop in front of you both. With


spits his name

shield how she feels

seems to catch onto her ton, because when he acknowledges her, he


him, and settles it on Theresa who's eyes shift back and fourth between you and Bri


the look of disinterest on your face, your interest is piqued. Just as Theresa opens her mouth to respond, Oliver steps in, and crosses his arms over his

it any of your

seeing how

so much for making

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