Scarletts P.O.V

What seems like minutes later, but is almost an hour later, you're sipping on a mixed drink through a straw when you see him.


Oliver stalks toward you, phone clutched in his hand, his narrowed gaze scrutinising you. You hop up, your drink sloshing out of the cup and spilling onto the ground, some getting on your shoes.

"What are you doing here?"

"I'm here for you"

"The hell you are. How did you find out where I am?"

He raises his brows and points at Bri who's across the yard talking to Shane.

"Next tine, if you want to be sneaky, don't post a picture with your location and with the person throwing the party tagged in it. The idiot has his address posted on his timeline.

"Ohhh. Fuck."

Oliver is furious. His shoulders are tense, jaw clenched, as he gestures for you to follow him.

"Let's go"

"You're not the fucking boss of me"

You shake your head and bring the drink to your lips.

"You're fucking mistaken if you think I'm gonna let you go home with someone, especially while you're this wasted."

Awe he's pretending to care...

"Why don't you stay and have a drink?"

"No thanks"

You frown, glancing around.

"Where's Theresa?"

Oliver shakes his head, glancing at his phone beefier sighing and stroking his chin agitatedly.

"Probably asleep"

"She's not with you?"


didn't sleep over.

ignore the confusion as to why you're happy about that,

understand why

I'm taking

yelled at

"Not happening"

I'm taking you and

head sideways

awfully bossy. She might not

up with getting you to go to the car so he moves past you and head towards Bri. Her eyes widen when she

the hell

nods and hugs Shane,

gets whatever the hell he

silently as they near you, and set your drink down on the bench


"I'm tired..."

a furious look and clench your

something else.

the car or I can carry

these people? He's not

like to see you

throw your ass over my shoulder because there's a bunch of clumsy drunk idiots

his arms around

Fuck me...


the car, Bri following suit as

"I warned you"

"Fuck you"

"Not here, baby"

he's loving

let him kidnap

is funny to

tired bitch

to thrash your legs, yelping when

"I like a challenge"

"Put me down, asshole!"


"Fine. I'll fucking walk!"

halts, and you let out a deep

ready to cooperate

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