Scarletts P.O.V

You arrive at the mall thirty minutes later, unsure of what to expect.

You ignore the nervousness gnawing on your stomach and head through the front entrance to the food court, hoping they wont be sitting directly opposite the door.

I think I'd be okay if I didn't even bump into them... god, what would I even say?

You and Bri glance around the food court, and you gasp as your eyes land on Oliver sitting with Theresa at a tale. You bite your lip, engrossed how hot he looks. Your eyes wander over his chiselled face, muscular frame, but they stop when you notice Theresa laughing at something he's said.

Oh, he's just so fucking funny isn't he! This was a bad fucking idea. Fuck! Maybe I should hide?

Oh my god, he's looking at me!

Oh both walk towards him, Bri grinning madly next to you, before you arrive at their table, and Bri obnoxiously sits in one of the vacant seats besides them. She gestures with her eyes for you too sit, and you slide in awkwardly next to Theresa who looks confused at the both of you.

"Hey, Oliver"

Theresa's gaze softens as she realises you guys are familiar with Oliver. Oliver doesn't respond back to Bri, he hasn't stopped looking at you since the moment he spotted you. You shift uncomfortably, before you turn to Theresa.

"Hi, I'm Scarlett, Katrina's daughter. She's friends with your mom"

Theresa nods, and smiles

"Oh, hey. I'm Theresa. Nice to meet you"

Feelings not really mutual

"Yeah you too"

is getting easier by

arms over his chest, before a smug

that fucking ego


before smirking at you, and you feel

reached full on mental patient status

to do some shopping. Isn't that

roaming over racks and racks

have pieces of white

"No, thank you"

glance at

always barges in at

off stuff and we can try them on. Oh, maybe a skimpy

fucking mother finds this

I would die

Bri scoffs

What does it

mom wants to think

Bri shrugs

once Oliver tears it off you, you can throw it

with a pair of panties, laughing until you realise one'd of the employees has been watching you, and she frowns disapprovingly. You offer her an apologetic smile before your eyes roam over a

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