Scarletts P.O.V

When Monday rolls around, you're in school you're sitting in Chem. Nervousness sets in as Jayden moves his eyes over you. You just want to run and hide after last night. Part of you is excited at the way Oliver claimed you, but also annoyed because he embarrassed you and made Jayden feel badly.

I'm allowed to hangout and flirt with whoever I want. Its none if Oliver's business.

You look back at Jayden who waves you over to him. You glance at the front of the room, aware that Mr. Jud hasn't come in yet. You rise, grabbing your things and walking over to him before sitting in the vacant seat to his right.



Oh my god this is so awkward

You run your fingers through your hair, and clear your throat, before you attempt to fill the silence.

"So, about this assignment"

He shakes his head, tapping his pen on the desk, before he takes a deep breath and turns so he's making eye contact with you.

"You still want to be my partner, right? Last night didn't deter you did it?"

"I was gonna say the same to you!"

"I'll do it if you will"

You laugh, and nod

"Sounds good"

You both avert your attention to Mr. Jud as he comes trudging in, swinging his old briefcase

guy from last


"Then you're available?"

date? I did not expect that to happen since what happened last night... Oliver was incredibly intimidating. Then again, he doesn't know the true

don't have a

to go out with me

my mom, and I'm sure sure she'll let me go. The plus about living with a single mother for so long is you know exactly

voice in the back of your head that says 'what about Oliver' and slightly nod,

not? It'll

your smile, and nods in

pace in particular you

like to hangout... and you'd

should I pick


I want. Oliver doesn't control what I do, just like h keeps reminding me that I can't do

when you get home, you run into Oliver in the kitchen as you're grabbing a snack and he


sweaty in a pair of shorts and a

"What were you doing?"

as he ignores you and opens the fridge to grab out a bottle of water. He opens it and downs half the bottle before turning around and leaning against the sink as he

Okay... what the hell?

hard of

rolls his eyes, finishes the water bottle, and

don't worry about

his mom again?

outside, spotting the basketball on the grass, and the hoop that now pulled in the street, it downs on you that he was just playing basketball. You watch as he buries his attention in his phone, smirking to

the hell

of annoyance. He shoves his

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