Scarlett's POV

Jayden takes a deep breath, his mouth inches from or ear as a deep groan vibrates in his throat. You feel his erection twitch against your ass.

"Fuck, you're so sexy, Scarlett"


You respond but you're too focused on letting a sly smile spread on your mouth, as your peer challengingly at Oliver as if ti say 'game on asshole'

He tries to use my friends to make me jealous... time to see if he likes it.

Oliver furrows his brow, downs his beer and shoves it into the arms of some random person passing by before he's moving towards you.

Oh fuck, oh fuck... he's coming over

Jayden doesn't notice the way your panic sets in and makes you tense up. You release his hands, but he takes control and runs them up your body, unaware that you've been using him to make another man jealous.


You shake your head at Oliver, hoping he'll get the hint and stay away, but even if he does, he ignores you. No, instead, he returns your salacious grin, and stops directly in front of you. You turn your head to witness Jayden's confusion.

"Yeah man?"


"What the hell are you doing here?"

He ignores Jayden completely

"I think you're forgetting our little chat earlier"

You shrug, blatantly appearing agitated, but you know it wont do you any good. Not when it comes to Oliver. He only sees and catches on to what he wants to.

He's one selective mother fucker

"We didn't discuss anything important"

"Oh really? Should i refresh your memory?"

Oliver raises his brow at you, knowing full well what his words are doing to your body. You clench your walls, and stifle a soft sigh.

"Ha, I'd love to see you try"

Oliver directs his attention to Jayden who looks just as confused as when Oliver first walked over. Oliver reaches for you, wrapping his arms around your waists.


Oliver and reaches for you, but Oliver presses

using you to

fuck are you talking

your being

head so his mouth is almost touching your neck, and he whispers in your ear, and your

gonna jog your

sympathetic look as Oliver begins leading you away


baby, I'm not going to be

Oh fuck... oh fuck...

your folds with the same skilful movements he had when you caught him jerking off. Your body yearns for his touch in a

Scarlett. Should I use my

your tongue... use

about i

"You're the expert"

you were going to sneak into to find

your jaw, tightening his grip just enough to control your movements, so he

trying too provoke

"It worked didn't it?"

that. You already know

I'm sure I

eyes flutter closed when he caresses your

think you'll be able to


familiar screaming. You jerk your head

"That's Bri!"

groans, before dropping his arms back down to his side, and straightening his pants

in a screaming match. You stalk toward them, ready to fight the bitch

arm to hold he steady behind

the fuck up out of

the fuck do you think you

yourself a favour, shut

you mind your

put me in my place? Please... I'd

of wrinkles, and outlining the bags under her eyes. Oliver turns to Bri, points at you. You wave at Bri.

on? What the fuck


the onset of a headache. You pinch the bridge of your nose. Oliver rests

"Are you alright?"

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