Stay Around You Now And Forever

Chapter 70 She was amazed by Vincent

“What if we just forget about this incident?” Emily whispered to Hunter after they got on the car.

He turned on the laptop and got busy in a short while.

The man is trying to ignore me.

Emily was a little discouraged. His decision couldn't be changed easily.

“Ma‘am, they should be punished because they were disrespectful to you.” Liam the driver smiled at her from the rear-view mirror.

“They are from the Jackson family after all.” Emily pursed her mouth and said.

She wasn't softhearted but definitely not Mother Teresa.

She didn’t want to start up any trouble right after she married a Jackson man.

Emily was always a low-key person. For most circumstances, she would choose to ignore if people didn't really cross the line.

“l am worried that this incident might disturb your grandmother, Mr. Jackson. You know she is not in a good health condition.”

“No one dares to do it.” He had plenty ways to shut people up.

“I presume there is no need to put a girl in jail for such trivial matter.”

After all, this might ruin a person's future.

Most importantly, she didn't find Vanessa that vicious.

“Dogs that bark usually don’t bite.” She looked at Hunter and said, “I don't think she is capable of doing anything really awful based on her character.”

But Rosy, who kept silent most of the time, might act even crazier when she has to.

“Ma‘am, Mr. Jackson is just...”

“I will leave you to decide.” Hunter typed on the keyboard. That meant the matter was over for him.

It had nothing to do with him no matter what they decide.

Liam didn't care that much. It was just a few women arguing. If his master didn't care, then why would he bother?

“Ma'am, should I stop them now?”

“No, let her have a little trip to the police station. I will withdraw the prosecution later.”

Some people needed to be taught a lesson or else they wouldn't know they were wrong.

Like Vanessa, she wouldn't understand what she did wrong if she didn't suffer from this matter.

Liam couldn't help but took a glance at her in the at her rear-view mirror.

For some reason he found her hideous, but somehow got used to it after a while.

When he got used to it, he even thought she had really delicate facial features.

Her charisma could even defeat Mr. Jackson especially when she showed her wisdom.

“Liam, the car!” Emily exclaimed suddenly and reminded him.

the steering wheel in a hurry to avoid the truck in front

distracted by her face from


to think about it and focused on

after twenty minutes. The car drove across the long boulevard then parked in front of the

was nervous when she got off the

about to meet Vincent. She wondered how he was

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scandal at the engagement party in her previous life. She shut herself from the outside

pitied her and it took Hunter like a lifetime long

end of the year. He came back here several months in

from the two lifetimes

what would happen next. Of course

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the initiative to greet Hunter and Emily and

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Mr. and Mrs. Jackson were still here



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was absolutely a handsome out-of-this-world


in the painting, sitting on the sofa, like a Prince


the second she entered the


if she were under a spell, Emily could no longer look away when she laid eyes

She finally met Vincent!


A living Vincent!


scene of him lying in her arms bleeding from the previous life flashed back on her mind. She almost cried

at Emily, who froze by the


Vincent whom she was looking


she looked at Vincent, was that


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had to emphasize


Vincent was really good-looking, just like a prince, she really


handsome man in Bentson City, how could

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