Stay Around You Now And Forever

Chapter 69 He's Scarier Than Legend


"Vanessa... "Rosy was somehow uneasy.


Vanessa's lies seemed to be getting more and more outrageous.


There was indeed a red mark on her feet, but it had nothing to do with Emily though.


"Rosy, I know you're kind and don't want to accuse anyone else, but has this ugly woman ever been kind to you?"


Although most of what she said was slander, Emily was alone. What could she prove?


Most importantly, they were all of the Jackson family, and this ugly woman was an outsider.


"Eldest brother ..."


"Are you done shopping?" Hunter's eyes fell on Emily's bag.


Why did that feel so inexplicable? It was like the picture was a complete rip-off from what she just saw?


Vanessa was a little confused and Rosy's mind was on alert. The bad feeling became instantly intense.


She came over, and her breathing was disorganized, "Eldest brother, she ...”


"You call him Eldest brother, so you're the daughter of the Jackson family too?"


Emily acted like she just knew her. She suddenly took Hunter's arm and smiled at Rosy, "Hi, I'm your future sister-in-law.

"You ... you..."

Rosy was in a panic, and Vanessa was so shocked that she couldn't even speak.