Stay Around You Now And Forever

Chapter 68 He Is The Best In All Of Bentson City

Emily hurried to the plaza outside the building.

Young Master Hunter's patience had been very limited.

If she didn't go, he would either leave her behind, or Liam would come and take her down.

To Emily's surprise, as soon as she stepped outside, she looked up and saw two girls standing in front of Hunter's understated but lavishly decorated Maybach.

"Eldest brother, they're bullying us!" Eldest brother was a respectful address for Hunter by all the younger members of the Jackson family.

Vanessa was a bit distantly related to Hunter, but at least her last name was Jackson.

Hunter was sitting by the car door and smoking. He looked indifferent, and Vanessa wondered if he had taken her words to heart.

Liam was guarding by his side and leaning on the car door. From a distance, he also looked pretty handsome.

But he seemed a little impatient now.

Vanessa was still complaining, "Eldest brother, as members of the the Jackson family, we have been kicked out of the store. Don't you think that's infuriating?"

Hunter remained silent, and his eyes were cold. Af if he was warning them not to come any closer to him.

Rosy looked at Vanessa and gestured for her to shut up.

She looked at Hunter and said in a soft voice, "Eldest brother, are you going back to the Jackson's later as well?"

Tonight was a family feast for the Jackson family. All the younger members of the Jackson family, who were still in Bentson City, had to go back.

The Jackson family was large. Even though it was just a family feast, there would be almost hundreds of people in attendance.

"Yes," Hunter responded casually.

Rosy knew that this eldest grandson of the Jackson family had always been aloof. Everyone was used to his attitude.

So even though Hunter was cold to them now, she wasn't surprised.

“Eldest brother, we're also going back to the Jackson's. It's about time, and we should go."

Rosy's hint was clear. If ... she meant if Hunter didn't mind, could he pick them up and go back with them?