Stay Around You Now And Forever

Chapter 67 They Got Fooled

There was a reason why Emily got out so quickly with a luxury bag.

Before she even got time to finish browsing all the bags, Hunter's phone call started to haunt her again.

So she directly asked if the bag was worth more than a million. The shop assistant said it was, so she bought it.

However, when she went back, she had to tell him that she would return the bag afterwards. Afterall, she didn’t want to pay three million for a single bag.

It was just too expensive to afford!

She was convinced that it will be sealed up like a specimen after this.

Unless there was another similar party.

She didn't want say anything when she saw the manager and two sales assistants chased after her. But she found Vanessa who stood in front of the store a little fulsome.

She frowned and walked towards the store.

The manager acted as if she just won the lottery, asked her staffs to take out the handbags right away.

She poured a cup of black tea for Emily personally, bending over her waist and almost fell on her knees.

“Please give us a moment, Miss. Our handbags will be out in a second. Or you may want to check out our shoes first?”

“Bastard, are you just going to turn your back on my sister, who was in the middle of trying on new shoes?”

Vanessa was really upset, how could a poor girl like Emily afford all this?

Amy said she was with a rich guy, but was it true?

Was the rich guy blind? Can't he see Emily was poor and ugly?

But then again, Emily rarely talked about her family at school, plus she looked average, so her identity was vague to most people.

Even though Rosy and Vanessa attended Hunter's engagement party, they only knew he was engaged to the younger sister of Wendy Gale, who was a socialite in Bentson City.

What was more, Emily had heavy makeup back then. Who would know that was her?

Except for the relatives of Gale's family, who else could see the connections between the hideous Gale and Young Master Hunter's fiancée Emily?