Stay Around You Now And Forever

Chapter 66 Posting the Video Online

Emily didn't understand why those people only focused on her instead minding their own business.

Wasn't she just checking a bag? All of them kept staring at her as if waiting for her to get in trouble?

What the hell! A bunch of gossipy bitches.

Rosy Jackson seemed like she didn’t care about Emily. But actually she stopped trying shoes anymore, instead, she just leaned on the small sofa and looked at Emily lightly.

The bag Emily was checking now was the one she checked just now. But she hesitated after knowing the price.

Afterwards, Rosy said that she didn't like the style to avoid buying it.

Although the Jackson family was rich, however the rich ones were the children of the eldest son of the family.

The other members of the family were rich too, but still couldn't buy a bag that cost a few millions without hesitation.

This kind of purchase for her after all was privacy.

When the ‘ugly woman’ came in the store, immediately she walked towards the fancy bags. Rosy felt a little uncomfortable, disgusted even.

Certainly, Rosy also wanted to see how this ‘ugly woman’ would react to the price.

Vanessa Jackson winked to the sales who stood next to her. Then the sales took out her cellphone, turned on the camera and started recording.

The manager who didn't mean to stop the sales at all, said with a smile, "I'm sorry, but I'm afraid you can not take my words for it. I hope you don't mind.”

Emily ignored these people. She took the bag and checked it carefully.

She didn't want to buy a bag to prove anything to anyone. What she cared was firstly the bag itself, secondly the price. And the third was how fast she could take the bag cause she was really in rush.

The bag had a small double-layer and the weight was also appropriate.

She looked at the manager, and asked, “What's the price?"

"980,000." The manager said proudly.

Emily was a little disappointed. She looked at the bag again. Obviously, she liked it very much, but the price was...

Then she bit her lower lip and finally put the bag down: "I don't want it.”

"Tsk Tsk! I knew it!" Vanessa walked over with a look of disdain, “You knew that you can’t afford it. But still you checked it. After checking it for so long, you don't buy it. Aren’t you playing fool on others?"

She looked at the sales who was still filming, “You have to film it all and send it to me. I'll post it online.”

"This kind of person deliberately makes things difficult for the sales staff. It's disgusting. I must expose her bad behavior!"

"What did I do to cause them trouble?” Since when just looking at a bag had become making someone's life difficult? What Vanessa said made no sense.

"They all knew that you can't afford it. And they kindly remind you so. But look what you did!"

Vanessa held her arms up against her chest looking proud.

"You wanted to be served by others. You are wasting other's valuable time. Their time is not as cheap as yours. Do you know how much money they wasted just to serve you?”


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