Stay Around You Now And Forever

Chapter 61 Only the Young Master Has Such a Strong Taste

lt was past three œclock in the afternoon and more than four hours away from the family dinner that evening.

On her way out the door, Emily Gale had Liam find her a driver.

Before leaving, Liam hesitantly asked in a worried tone, “Do you need young master to accompany you?”

“When does the young master ever have free time, especially to go shopping with me?” Emily casually asked the question.

Liam seriously thought her question over.

Of course the young master didn’t waste time. Even if he didn't go to work today, he would carry around his notebook and try to

complete his other duties.

However, if the milady asked the young master to accompany her to go shopping, Liam believed that he would agree to go.

Don’t ask how he knew this. Any man would know how strong the young master's feelings were towards Milady by the way he treated her!

Currently if the Milady had any sort of requests, except for matters of principles, the young master wouldn't refuse.

“Milady, then would you want me to accompany you? He asked worriedly.

“What is the point of you accompanying me? Go shopping, eat a meal and then go watch a movie? Or you want to take a walk with me?

Do you want to be my backup?”

Liam’s face became red and he hurriedly took a few steps back.

Milady's facial features, to be honest, was not very appetizing. Only the young master of their family could have such a strong taste!

Emily sneered and then informed the driver to drive away.

Before leaving, she explained to Liam, “Help me find a convenient driving school, I want to take the test to get my driver’s license as soon as possible.”

“Ok.' Liam nodded and watched as the car driving away.

While on the road, Emily t


ook out her cellphone and swiped her finger down the screen casually. The people on Weibo were all doing wicked things.

She really didn't know how many of them were trumpet mariners, but she could see that many of them were in fact scolding Sally Cox and saying that she had pretended she wanted to commit suicide.

Today she especially told Joe that Sally should not touch her cell phone.

If Sally were to see these posts, who knew how uncomfortable it would make her.

Emily sent Joe a message on Wechat and then told the driver to drop her ofÍf in the downtown business district.

At 4:30 in the afternoon, both Emily and Terry appeared right outside the ward of Suntech Hospital.

Emily knocked on Amy Winston’s door, carrying both big and small bags in her hands.

a bodyguard to stand at the door. He stood there

the room. Any person that posed a danger

go in by myself just to apologize, afterward I will

then nodded and stood in the

of Amy’s, sat by her bedside playing with her cell phone. The more viciously those people scolded Sally Cox, the happier

down like a dead

here?” Amy looked up at Fanny, but Fanny subconsciously kept out of

any videos. I won’t touch you but l also will not give you the chance

look at Fanny

“Ugly, who would want to take

then proceeded to place the bags onto the

fell onto the bags carelessly. All of


what was this ugly bitch up to? Definitely wasn't up to

or drink. That photo is just


to take that kind of picture?2 Was it fun? Now, is


spread around, but it was the perfect tool to use


are just too much” Emily clutched her hands


been with countless men. You ve been with


Let's just see if Hunter was still


was abandoned by Hunter, she would


still want to slander me with this nonsense. You are


angrily stomped her foot


away like that! Is


she almost jumped off a building


to be the perpetrator. But Sally didn't offend you one bit. You just wanted to use her to get revenge from me. Sally is so innocent and yet she had to be dragged into this by you, she is already so miserable now.


to look up at Emily, “Emily, you are doing quite well, how can it


matter has nothing to do with Sally, how


blame someone, then the blame is on


sure Emily really didn't have any devices on her to secretly record them, Amy no longer


on her face became

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