Stay Around You Now And Forever

Chapter 60 OMG! Young Master Hunter is so Terrible

"You... Emily couldn't believe her ears. Suddenly, Hunter was talking to her with a soft voice

Emily thought that Hunter would be still angry after what happened.

"Let's make up." Hunter said to Emily, then he put his hand on her waist and pulled her gently towards him.

Emily was unable to think or breathe.

In her eyes, Hunter's face was magnified. When Emily looked at him, she saw a perfect flawless face.

Emily touched Hunter's chest unconsciously, however she didn't want to push him away.

Hunter was feeling excited and so was she.

But, what did this mean?

“Hunter... Oh... In that moment, Hunter kissed her.

Emily felt like electric shock, she was dizzy.

In just half a second, Emily felt she lost herself completely.

She felt his breath, his coldness, his hotness, everything got her entangled.

In the end, all turned into uncontrollable desire ...

Emily didn't notice when she was hold by Hunter, when the buttons on her coat was released and she was not sure when Hunter’s neck was embraced by her hands.

She forgot about everything. Now all Emily could see was Hunter, all she could hear, was Hunter's breath.


Someone knocked on the door.

In an instant, everything was scattered.

Hunter pulled the quilt back and wrapped Emily under him tightly.

Hunter turned his head and saw Liam White. He stared at him and it was like that he would tear him into pieces.

“Young M..Master....

Liam was totally screwed, He knew that disaster would come to him soon.

He just could not believe they could do such thing in the day time ...what was worse, the door was open!

Liam just realized what happened after he hit the door.

"Get out."

Hunter s emotion was just like that a storm was coming, he was extremely furious at Liam.

shouted was so strong and power, and it was


believe that the ascetic young master could do such thing

Liam was his

master, 'young master,

the door with a heavy smack, and the door was hit

dare to stay there any

around and

Hunter looking down, meanwhile his

seemed that something was still

interruption of Liam

wrapped herself in the quilt

she was just

how come... shameful! And moreover, Liam just

can she face others

while Emily backed a bit

staring at

grabbed her clothes and looked up. She wanted to say something to

mess and she

did she want him to

a little bit out of shape. However,

was no reason to

cover herself completely with the quilt

at it. It’s just... lt was just

I’m sorry, I didn't

didn't mean

clothes, she lifted the quilt and came

to gaze at it, but her eyes

embarrassing if he asked where

herself to

two singles were together, especially for youngsters, this kind of thing always happens, not even to

probably meant nothing to others, but

she could not repeat the same mistakes

nothing else here, I am going back now. ˆ she

the bed. His breath was still

daze and she looked back at him

special part on his body, and nobody can see

women had different point of views on

lose themself in the

shook her head


face made him feel very strange.

memory or could the little freckle

looked at her, she never liked his

how could she

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