"The flower... Emily looked at the big bouquet of roses in the maid's arms. For some reason, there was a weird feeling in her heart.

ln Hunter“s villa, how came there was such a thing... that only existed between lovers?

Liam immediately said, "This are the roses selected by the Young Master Hunter last night, and they are shipped by air this morning.'

"He selected?" Emily was shocked for a while, it was incredible!

Imagining that Hunter held his phone, staring at the bunches of roses on the screen and carefully selecting...well! Unimaginable!

How could Young Master Hunter do such a boring thing?

Liam hurriedly said, 'Last night the Young Master Hunter and Milady... seemed to have a quarrel. When he went back... he was angry, but he quickly adjusted it himself."

What happened last night, in any case, was indeed the fault of the Young Master Hunter.

"These roses was selected and ordered by Young Master Hunter last night. But when it was delivered in the morning, you two... seemed to have conflicts again. So the Yong Master Hunter asked me throw it away when he was angry.'

Afraid of her misunderstanding, Liam hurriedly explained, "The Young Master Hunter must feel so angry to you at that point. So he let me throw it away. I went out in a hurry and left it in the side hall before I had time to throw it.

Emily couldn't tell how she felt at this moment.

From her last life to now, she had never seen Hunter gave any girl flowers, let alone picked by himself.

ltt turned out that after the Cold War between them last night, he still wanted to make peace with her.

In the morning he asked her to drink milk. Now she thought about it. He was doing it for her own good.

“Then, Mr. Liam, the flowers...

"don't throw it away!" Emily immediately took the flowers from the maid’s hand.

Looking at the beautiful roses in her arms, she felt sweet in her heart. She had never been so happy.

She actually received flowers from Young Master Hunter. The cold-hearted man who didn't understand love for a lifetime was really willing to give her flowers.

The sadness she felt last life, the accident happened this life, made her eyes feel emotional. Her tears almost slipped down.

Looking at the flowers in her arms, she felt like she was in a dream.

The maid wanted to say something. Liam waved his hand to her. And the maid had to leave. “Young Master Hunter is upstairs.' Liam reminded.

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