Stay Around You Now And Forever

Chapter 58 You were So Afraid That I Was In Danger

People screamed when it suddenly happened.

Sally got stunned sitting on the balcony floor. Seeing Emily falling down, she couldn't even give any reaction.

In the crowd, a tall man ran out like the wind.

No one could see how he passed by. The speed was completely beyond the range that everyone could imagine.

In the blink of an eye, he rushed to the edge of the balcony and jumped off.

Those who were watching got even more frightened to scream out loud.

Two! Two people were rolling down together

Emily thought she would be dead for sure this time.

She came back this life only for less than a month. Why did she always feel like I couldn't live long?

She almost drowned last time, this time, would she fall directly to death?

Since she couldn't live long, why would the god give her another chance to live at the first place? She could feel her body was falling down. She was overwhelmed by the fear of death.

In the dimness, she seemed to see Hunter rushing towards her. But his speed was too fast, she could not see clearly.

It sẳeemed that every time she was about to die, he was the only person she could see and think of...

"Hmm!" There was a sudden tingling in her wrist, as if she was being held tightly by someone

Emily cried out in pain. She looked up, but she couldn't see clearly who was holding her because of the sunshine.

But the feeling and the smell of him was so familiar for her!


Hunter did not speak. He held the edge of the balcony with one hand, and grasped Emily's wrist tightly with the other.

"Help! Help!" Sally finally reacted and called for help immediately.

Everyone suddenly realized what happened. Several security guards were about to come to help. At the same time, behind them, a figure broke out and rushed to the edge of the balcony at the fastest speed.

Seeing Emily was grasped by Hunter in the air, Terry got relieved. And he felt finally his heart could beat normally.