Stay Around You Now And Forever

Chapter 57 No Means No

Sally Cox tore off a strap of her clothes and tied her smartphone to the railing.

Sally turned around and looked at the outside of the railing. The wind was blowing her long hair, which made her look quite beautiful.

Sally launched a live. The audiences in the live platform heard Sally clearly, even though her voice wasn’t so loud.

“I didn't bully Amy Winston. Amy edited those videos deliberately to slander me.”

The audiences in the live platform began a discussion on Sally's explanation.

“You beat Amy. Why are you still quibbling?”

“Amy committed suicide and she almost died. But you broke into the hospital and bullied her. You were so crucial”

“Shut up, Sally! you should die for tonight”

“Shut up! Go to hell"

“This ¡is the rooftop, right? Just jump off the rooftop quickly!”

“You would be punished one day by the god!”

Sally started looking at the outside of the railing instead the screen of the phone.

lt seemed that someone called the police. The hospital staff was informed that Sally was going to jump off the rooftop. Soon a lot of people gathered at the rooftop.

Even Amy's friends were hidden in the crowd waiting for an opportunity to take pictures of the situation.

“don't come close to me,” Sally yelled. Those who wanted to come closer immediately backed away.

The audiences in the live platform continued their discussions.

“Oh My God! The bitch Sally committed suicide.”

“On my goodness! Sally should die elsewhere, rather than in the hospital"

“It's bad luck for the hospital if Sally die there!”

Sally suddenly looked at the camera and said loudly, “Listen, I didn't bully Amy. lt was Amy that deliberately fabricate against me.”

“Amy didn't commit suicide. I visited her today and she was fine.”

“Amy clashed with me deliberately and let her friends record those videos. Later Amy edited those videos to fabricate against me.”

“I hope that the police could conduct an in-depth investigation of the conflict between Amy and me. l am willing to die to prove my innocence.”

Sally climbed up the railing.

“Sally!" Emily Gale rushed out of the crowd. Emily was panting while shouting, “Sally listen to me. Don't be silly!”

“Emily....' Sally didn't expect her sudden appearance. Sally was stunned. Her eyes got redden immediately.

“Emily, l was trapped. I didn't beat Amy. She beat me.”

Sally felt that she could only talk to Emily, and only Emily and a few of her friends would trust her.

“I know that you are innocent." Emily carefully walked a few steps forward.

“Don't be silly. This matter will be settled, and you will get your justice back. Trust me, please.”

“But l get my family and you in trouble....

“You didn't get me in trouble. As long as you come back, everything will be fine”

Emily took another two steps forward. Emily said gently, “Listen to me, come down first. We can discuss everything again when we go back.”

“This is over.” Sally cried.

Sally's sister Mandy Cox broke up with her boyfriend and Sally's elder brother Richard Cox messed up his business. Sally's father Blair Cox didn't like Sally before and now he would dislike her even more.

Sally was an illegitimate daughter in the Cox family. She tried her best to get herself accepted in the family.

Now every family member would be mad at her!

“This isn't over. We can settle everything.” Emily moved forward to get closer to Sally.

“Sally, listen. I never lied to you. As long as you come back, everything will be fine.”

“I could help to get your justice back”

Sally looked at Emily. Emily was Sally's best friend and Sally had always been willing to trust her.

this time Sally got Emily in trouble. “They tell

won’t get anyone in trouble." Suddenly, someone said with

.Jackson came out of the crowd, standing proudly under

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Hunter a couple of days ago,

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at the screen of the phone, “Who was

Amy said that Emily had a powerful background. lt must

Hunter had

were there, the audiences in the live platform could only hear the sound and

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Hunter should know

and slapped her

in the live platform wanted to hurt

that she slapped too hard and slipped under her feet. Sally's


got closest to Sally. Emily rushed over to

railing in the rooftop of the hospital was quite weak due to the lack of

but Emily

while and Emily rolled

“Ah.... Someone was screaming.

securities were shocked. No

slender figure of Emily hit the railing and she

Afraid That I

screamed when it suddenly

got stunned sitting on the balcony floor. Seeing Emily

the crowd, a tall man ran out like

speed was completely beyond the range that everyone

of an eye, he rushed to the edge

got even more frightened to scream out

Two people were

be dead for sure


this time, would she

the god give her another chance to live at the first place? She could feel her body was falling down. She was

the dimness, she seemed to see Hunter rushing towards her.

to die, he was the only person she

her wrist, as if she was being held tightly

couldn't see clearly

of him was so familiar for


not speak. He held the edge of the balcony with one hand, and grasped Emily's wrist tightly

finally reacted and called

what happened. Several security guards were about to come to help. At the same time, behind them, a figure broke out and rushed to the edge of the balcony at the

Hunter in the air, Terry got relieved.

at Hunter. Then he looked back at

was expressionless. Before the security guards could come over, he slowly


came to

or even hold high an adult girl

to appreciate

arm together with Hunter. They

save him.... After hanging in the air for

as soon as Emily came back the balcony, she immediately shouted,

danger?" Hunter clung to the edge of the balcony with his

struggled to stand up and ran to him immediately,


she was rescued, she was really scared


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